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CW's 'The Flash' has gained popularity all of a sudden. It's Unique story-line is taking mind-boggling turns. The unexceptional dead-ends at the end of every episode leaves an addition to the future episodes such as the GRODD highlight, the Ronnie Raymond highlight, the HARRISON-WELLS-IS-REVERSE-FLASH highlight and so on. But as the show is reaching to an interesting point where Barry finally meets the Man in Yellow commonly and officially known as the Reverse Flash, the question on three character's identity is left in a suspense, that are Dr. Wells, Eddie Thawne and the obvious - Reverse Flash.

Somehow, I have come to a conclusion that Harrison Wells might be the Barry Allen from the Future. I am not only saying it, but i have some ideas about it.

The show became more typical when Eddie Thawne, one of the major suspect supposed to be the Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash) was facing Reverse Flash himself. However, by the end of Episode 9, the mystery of Harrison Wells became more complicated. The Major Conclusions of why he can be the Barry Allen from the Future are :

1) Dr. Harrison Wells and Barry Allen, both are Science Experts and have a history in working as forensic scientist for Police.

2) Identical Life Stories : It is shown and quite obvious that Harrison and Allen have lost some important people in lives, Barry Lost his Mother and Harrison, his wife, but who knows Dr. Wells is hiding few more stuffs.

3) Identical Shape structure, Eye and Hair Colors and Body Structure : I may sound foolish but the direction team has worked quite a hard on the casting and ideas. The Casts of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) has so much in common other than the age. Similar Eye Color, Hair Color, Body Weight and Length of the Face as well.

Moreover, Dr. Harrison Wells might as well be the Reverse flash who traveled back in the past to save himself from a worse future or from becoming who he is or for a better cause as his aim is still in doubt. No one knows about his desire besides he can travel and control future and does not let flash meet any harm or lose his powers. There is certainty of Wells being Hunter Zolomon, another Reverse Flash from Parallel Earth.

Waiting eagerly for the next Episode. Have a Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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