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The Divergent series heats up with the latest trailer for Insurgent, and we have some sophisticated fan-girl thoughts about it. 5 to be exact.

The new full length trailer for the second installment of the Divergent series, Insurgent, has been released, and while seemingly unlike the book, it still looks majorly bad-ass. Leading me into the naked make-out sesh shot between Shailene Woodley & Theo James........and its UBER HOTNESS!

Four-Tris are kicking it into high gear and they race to escape the clutches of anti-Divergent radical Jeanine (Kate Winslet). The new trailer if full of "WTF's" and "Wait, is that in the book?" and "OMFG THAT WAS AMAZING!"

Here are our Top 5:

5. Theo James casually jumping in front of a train

Because that's what he does: kicks ass casually, as if you and your grandma should be able to do it with nothing but ease just the same. Jump across train tracks..... with the train inches from your face. NBD.

4. The Factionless

We get our first glimpse of the underground world of the "factionless"
(citizens who were not accepted into or kicked out of a faction) and
SPOILER ALERT: Four is closer to their rugged leader (Naomi Watts) than he

3. The Box

We need to talk about the box... like... WTF is it?! This
was definitely NOT in the book and when did Tris become Neo from
The Matrix?! Well regardless, count us in... in fact we are going to start a
hashtag campaign until we get some answers.

2. Girl Fight

With Matrix-style wires digging into her back, Jeanine breaks it to Tris that she
has no intentions of fighting Tris, but instead that Tris will in fact be fighting
herself. Without warning Tris LUNGES at Tris' throat and shatters the glass
between them! HOLY CHEESE & RICE! This will be the most epic girl fight in

1. Naked Make-out Sesh

Slap me silly and call me Shailene! Theo James is shirtless... and welp... oh ok
now Shailene is too, oh and welp....they are making out... and ok, is it a little
hot in here? The books are filled with Four/Tris action, but seeing it on the big
screen is a whole other ball game. I need some water.

Insurgent hits theaters March 20th, 2015.


Based off of the trailer, are you worried the film will stray from the book?


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