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Siddhartha Tripathi

CW's Show is showcasing the extraordinary lives of DC's Super-Villains in the show 'The Flash'. Now Since Ronnie Raymond has turned into the Firestorm, Caitlin Snow would try her luck to get Ronnie back somehow, unaware of the fact that future awaits. The Lab Assistant Caitlin's future is much more than just a Lab Assistant. Her Destiny calls herself to be the Killer Frost, a meta-human will abilities of freezing everything around. With opposite powers, Caitlin and the fiancee Ronnie who is the Firestorm, will carry on with a Love-Fight till the future.

Here are some of the references from the Comics.

Ohh Caitlin, You will rock the future. Quiet. The peep show is on!


Would you like to see Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) as Killer Frost?


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