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A timeless fight that's been going on for decades. now while on may pull ahead for a time it is a battle that can never truly be won. So with that being said I would like to give my opinion of who is ahead a of 2014. Now I will break this down into three rounds. Round 1 Comics, round 2 movies and round 3 television

Round 1: Comics

DC and Marvel each have there fair share of great comic book stories making this round the hardest to decide especially with the current state of both being fresh after The New 52 and Marvel Now campaigns. so without going any deeper into this round I am calling it a draw.

Winner: Tie

Round 2: Movies

First lets talk about Marvel. So for Marvel I will focus mostly on the MCU, Spider-Man movies and the X-Men Franchise. So in 2000 comic book movies changed forever Fox released X-Men Staring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Ian McKellen as my favorite mutant Magneto fast forward to 2014 and Fox's X-Men is the longest running comic book movie franchise to date and is still going strong thanks to the First Class and DoFP fixing the major screw up that X-3 was and making Fox a bigger competitor with Marvel Studios then DC's movies themselves. Next up is Sony's Spider-Man. Just about everyone can agree that Sam Rami's Spider-Man is one of the best comic book movies ever made despite some major differences from the source material (natural webbing instead of web shooters). After that Sam Rami directed two more Spider-Man movies the almost as classic Spider-Man 2 and the almost universally hated Spider-Man 3 which really would of gone into Spider-Man 4 if it was'nt for Rami killing the project which resulted in the reboot The Amazing Spider-Man which despite remaining more loyal to source material and having a Spider-Man that practically leaped right out of a comic book has pretty much failed with ASM2 not even matching the box office numbers of ASM1. Now last but not least the Marvel Cinematic Universe started in 2008 with Robert Downey Jr as the billionaire playboy Tony Stark who becomes the man in the iron mask (no not that one) were talking about Iron Man. Since then the MCU has became the Holy Grail for comic book movies fans. The MCU has became like an pizza with all the different toppings that are good by themselves but when the come together they form something magical. And it seems like with every movie Marvel releases is better then the last.

Now for DC which unlike marvel has been solid in the film industry since 1978 with Superman staring Christopher Reeve spawning 4 sequels and paving the way for all comic book movies since then. about a decade after Christopher Reeve first hit the big screen as superman Tim Burton brought everyone's favorite caped crusader to life in Batman then directing Batman Returns only to be ruined by Batman Forever and Batman and Robin but in 2005 batman begins was released creating one of the best film adaptations of any hero when The Dark Knight was released with Heath Ledger as the Joker it gave batman not only one of the best comic book movies ever made but one of the best movies ever made period. now with Henry Cavil as Superman in Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman V Superman it is to early to tell how DC's Cinematic Universe will turn out.

Winner: Marvel

Round 3: TV

now this one unlike the other 2 rounds this one is not close at all. While Marvel has had there share of animated series and now has agents of shield and some upcoming projects like agent carter and the defenders its hard to compare that to what DC has already established. From the classic 60s Batman show to Smallvile and now there is Arrow, The Flash and Gotham, and dont forget that TNT is planning a Teen Titans show CBS has Supergirl coming out soon and now there is going to be a gothem-esq show on syfy called Krypton really this one is no contest.

Winner: DC

so just as many of the fight we see between our heros in the comics this competition is a draw now I wanna know what you think is better Marvel or DC vote down below.


What do you prefer Marvel or DC


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