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Gone girl is the new film from legendary director ‘David Fincher’ famous for films such as ‘Fight Club’, ‘The Social Network’, ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ (US remake), ‘Zodiac’, ‘The Game’, ‘Panic Room’ and of course, ‘Se7en’. This film stars Ben Affleck as the perfectly executed ‘Nick Dunne’, who, on his anniversary, returns to his home one day to find a display of broken glass tables and signs of struggle in his house, and his wife – missing. The police get involved and clue by clue Nick becomes more and more suspicious. This is a long movie which is full of twists, turns, and pretty disturbing images, I won’t say anything specific, I’ll just say this…. look out for the wine bottle. This film is pretty disturbing at times, but it’s nothing scarring. This film is absolutely littered with talent, some quite surprising (we’ll get to that later). The directing is nothing short of brilliant, David Fincher brings this originality to his direction which is fresh and original, and – here’s where I get really excited – Jeff Cronenweth. His cinematography (as usual) is absolutely beautiful, his work with David Fincher always produces beautiful imagery, they both clearly understand Digital film and have, as far as I’m concerned, perfected the look it should have, at least for a film like this. The story is amazing, one of the best I’ve seen in years, the screenplay being written by Gillian Flynn, Author of the source material – “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn – and she does a perfect job of adapting it to screen, big ups to her considering this is her first screenplay. I have to say though, while there are some INCREDIBLE twists scattered throughout this movie, one of the biggest surprises was a man who goes by the name of ‘Tyler Perry’. He’s practically the king of making terrible holiday comedies such as ‘Madeas Christmas’ and pretty much ‘Madeas ____’ anything else! So I went into this film expecting it to be somewhat ruined by him, but my oh my how I was wrong. He is SO perfect in this film, it makes me wonder what the hell he was doing for the last few years! He steals the show and left me completely satisfied in the casting decisions, another (less surprising, but still worth mentioning) interesting casting choice was ‘Rosamund Pike’ she was never bad in anything, she was just never special… this movie gave her the chance to become special, and oh boy did she embrace it, she absolutely kills it, she gives a thrilling performance and she sent chills down my spine, every line she delivered was delivered with such raw honesty as though Rosamund was saying them on behalf of herself. The music in this film was done by the always phenomenal ‘Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross’ and just like in Fincher's previous few movies, really makes this movie something special, the music is enveloping and eerie, it’s perfect for the film and flows smoothly and incredibly, however I must say the score didn't hold up to the enthralling score of 'The Social Network'. The movie really nailed the pacing, the twists come at just the right time, and unlike a lot of films these days.. keeps you guessing the whole movie, you are never really inside Nick’s thoughts so you have no idea whether or not he did it, they pull this off spectacularly, you literally never have an idea what’s going to happen next, which completely adds to the experience. This whole movie was made so perfectly, it was gorgeous, disturbing, thrilling, interesting and overall Amazing. David Fincher is a beautifully talented human being.

See this movie.


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