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Now that December is nearly halfway gone, we're wrapping presents and shows are wrapping up their mid-seasons, with most not returning until the end of January. But never fear, there is at least one comic-book show to watch in the meantime: Marvel's Agent Carter, premiering Jan 6th.

Something of a filler for the usual Agents of SHIELD spot, Agent Carter is set in the '40s, focusing on Peggy Carter (Captain America's girl!) as she copes with the end of the war, and is sent on a mission by Howard Stark.

ABC has now released the first clip from the show, and it is noticeably lacking in explosions and SHIELD-style action.

While I'm sure that there will be plenty shoot-em-up goodness throughout the series, I'm thrilled to see that we will be getting something that isn't Agents of SHIELD: In The Past.

Yay for differences!
Yay for differences!

I'm excited to see more of Peggy's relationship with her roommate, glimpses of ordinary(ish) life in the '40s, and most of all, a frank portrait of how difficult it was for women to deal with being put "back in their place" with the return of the soldiers from Europe after World War II. I've written before about how this show could be a fascinating look at women's history (you can find that article here), and this first clip has me thinking that it's going to be done very well.

In addition, we have the inevitable comedy as Peggy tries to keep her secret life from her friend - it's a gag as old as time! While this is by no means a comedy, the lying, ducking explanations and juggling of secret agent and dating/movies/secretarial life is bound to produce some laughs.

I truly hope that this will be a better rounded show than Agents of SHIELD (which, as we all know, I finally gave up on about four episodes ago), and I'll be looking forward to the premiere!

Agent Carter premiers Tuesday, Jan 6th on ABC.


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