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Much has been said about whether "Spider-Man" would be in "Captain America: Civil War". Some say it is a fantasy, other that Sony is in talks with "Marvel Studios" among other things. But these days, hackers hacked (go redundancy) Sony plataform, meaning hackers brought to light all past, present and future projects of this company, and therefore the "Spiderman" project.

What they found were messages between hackers "Marvel Studios' and Sony about that Marvel wants to get the "prodigal son" means" Spiderman ". Before "Marvel Studios', a producer who made the film" Iron Man, " Captain America and Thor was created Marvel sold some of their heroes to film production companies including Sony and Fox for these occur on the screen great heroes of comics.

By that time, "Marvel Studios" is not thought, because for them it was an idea to create their own film distributor. That's why the only way to see "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" in action was to sell all the rights of that hero to the production company to make this a reality.

The downside is that Marvel did not think that in the future there would be a moment where those "heroes sold" would be needed to develop the stories of comics on the big screen.

That was how the distributed:

Universal Pictures: Namor

Lionsgate Entertainment: "Man Thing"

Sony Pictures: The whole universe related to "Spider-Man"

Fox: The whole universe related to "X-Men" and "Fantastic Four"

Marvel Studios: All heroes not mentioned above and which do not relate to any universe before that.

Exceptions: "The Scarlet Witch" and Quicksilver, because they are mutants (universe of "X-Men), but in comics, long before sold to Fox were Avengers (universe of heroes unsold), so much as Fox and Marvel Studios can use for your projects but Fox fails to mention that once they were Avengers and Marvel Studios can not mention the word mutants or say that they are children of Magneto, that is why we see two different Quicksilver and "Scarlet Witch" different from the other.

Returning to the theme of "Spiderman". Marvel and Sony, meanwhile message came to nothing, but it is more than certain that Peter Parker will not go to "The Avengers", otherwise team Stark (and after Rogers), because that Marvel asks Sony to "The Man spider "to be the essence of comics on the big screen, but hopefully not only" Captain America: Civil War "the why ask Peter Parker, hopefully in the future we can see" Spiderman "fighting alongside to "The Avengers," "The Guardians" and "The Inhumans".

But if Peter Parker is going to Marvel, what about "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" and "The Sinister Six?

Seeing things as they are, there will be none of these movies, because by then Marvel with Disney fight for the rights of the hero. Disney, as we know, has the best lawyers to fight Sony. But the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" was a great closing is not. Because now Peter Parker would fight no more for the city, not Gwen Stacy. So I think my theory is logical and join the two universes

Sony-Marvel Theory

We see a Peter Parker in the mood to fight crime but to fight for the city, but not by the late Gwen Stacy. That's where Tony Stark comes to lend a hand to "Spiderman", so you do see Peter will always be family or friends die, but with the skill and power that has can stop the evildoers . Eventually, Peter begins to see Stark not as a mentor, but as a father. Thus, to a degree, Stark gives him the "Iron-Spider" suit him so that resembled Peter Stark up in costume. This is where the events of "Civil War" arise and "Spider-Man" takes a more important role, obeying orders Stark, but eventually see they are not that great and goes with Steve Rogers.

Sounds logical, does not it? With this we could unite the worlds of "Spider-Man" with that of "The Avengers," among other universes such as "Guardians of the Galaxy", etc.

Before these messages leaked was said that T'Challa (Black Panther) take the place of "Spider-Man", but that's not what we want. We want to see a movie with the essence of the comic, as we saw in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" which begins the film and hear: "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Those little details make me feel nostalgic for the old series.

So tell me, what side are you?

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