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When we bring a so-called-murderer to trial, we don't think to blame their victim's death on the supernatural, do we? Well, the defendant always has a different side to the story. Some people believe it's crazy, but others don't - which is also believable. These are the stories of the three people who have been in this situation:

This Is Leonarda

Leonarda Cianciulli
Leonarda Cianciulli

Leonarda Cianciulli was well known for being the "soap maker." Leonarda was a palm reader, and had strong religious beliefs. When her son enlisted in Mussolini's army, she had to find a way to protect him. So she was convinced that she had to give a life to a dark god...

Leonarda killed three women, dismembering them, and boiling them down into soap, earning her the apt nickname. With their blood, she even made tea cakes. All because she believed that all of these sacrifices would grant her "special powers."

This is Sean

Sean Sellers
Sean Sellers

Sean Sellers worshiped in Satanism. His friends merely supported the idea, voting him "most likely to become a vampire," in high school, because of the Satanic Bible he carried around.

As part of his "practice", he murdered three people. A store clerk, and his own mother and stepfather. Sickeningly enough, he tried to stage the murders of his parents as if an intruder had done it. He also blamed it on the supernatural, claiming a demonic possession took place during the murder of his parents.

While in court, others found out he suffered from multiple personality disorder, which caused his belief in the fact that he was so called "possessed".

Sean was executed by lethal injection. His last words were even more chilling, coming from a Christian song: Set my spirit free that I might praise Thee. Set my spirit free that I might worship Thee.

This Is Richard

Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez is one of America's many serial killers. He was named the "Night Stalker," because he targeted many young women at night and raped them, slashing their throats. He would leave satanic pentagrams on his victim's bodies, and make others swear their allegiance to the devil.

When he was finally caught, in his own words, he claimed that he was a, "minion of the Dark One."

In trial, he made many references to Satan, and even drew a pentagram on his hand. He was, of course, deemed guilty, and sentenced to life until execution. He eventually died due to health complications last year.


Which of these "supernatural" killers scares you?


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