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Name's Ty Stout. I'm 20 years old, a musician, make up artist, and comic book collector. Oh, and I'm also THE BIGGEST EVIL DEAD FAN IN THE W

So I have recently stumbled upon an old IGN article about Avi Arad, AKA " The Man Who Ruined Spider-Man". In the article, He Goes into detail about how the Fanboys who were criticizing X-Men 3 before it came out were " idiots". We all know how that turned out right?

Here is the Article:

The reason I wrote this article is because I figured it would give further incentive to get the Spider-Man franchise out of this man's hands and back into the rightful hands of Marvel Studios. This is the man who leaves directors with no creative control and it is widely accepted that it is this man's fault we have the atrocities that are Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you would like to put your word in, all you have to do is sign this petition to get Spider-Man back into the hands of Marvel and away from the creative control of Sony and Avi Arad.

This petition is absolutely FREE and requires no membership whatsoever. If you want to see Spidey in a movie with the Avengers, Please do the right thing and sign. Thank you all.


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