ByNiharika Bedi, writer at

Yes! We Are Head-Over-Heels For The Sexy Brother In The Show, Damon, But Is It Just Us Or Everyone Out There Thinks The Writers Are Just Stretching The Storyline Into An Unreasonable Suspense In Every Episode..?

Bonnie, She's Been A Sacrificial Lamb In The Show Since The Time She's Learnt To Perform Magic. Now What Sense Did It Make To Leave The Poor Girl Into Kai's Prison? And And! Not Forgetting Why She Did What She Did To Get Damon And Elena Together, But That's Not Happening Either! I'm Sure We Were All Sad When Elena Was Cloaked By Kai, But! We Were Even Sadder To See Jeremy Alone By That Christmas Tree In The Mid-season Finale!

Writers Of Season 6 - Please Get Bonnie Back. It's Been A Heartbreak To See The Poor Girl Suffering. And Her Half Drunk Boyfriend Too.

We Want Some Real Action With Kai And Not Some Soap We Get To Watch Every Week!

Don't Stretch! Get The Fans Happy!


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