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Since Arrow's pilot I've been a fan and a skeptic. Since I'm a fan of the original Green Arrow[Arrow](series:720988)Green Lantern comics, Arrow never really met the standards of the Jolly Emerald Archer of Star City. That being said, this really wasn't the Green Arrow TV show it was an Arrow completely different from the comics. It was honestly more like the Punisher meets Hawkeye meets Cast Away. But it grew on me, and in time it got better and better. So here are some of my criticism's with this pretty awesome show.


Yes, while there were some updates in Season 3 ( [The Flash](series:1068303)crossover) it still doesn't look good. I know it is the best looking Green Arrow suit, but they still haven't gotten rid of something that they should have. Yep, the LEATHER. He's a superhero not a biker in the Sherwood Forest. (I know he does ride a motorcycle).

If I was a billionaire who hunted criminals at night with bow, I'd be pretty sure I'm wearing the best body armor that's not on the market (hmm... like another dark and mysterious vigilante), Something that's, lets say TACTICOOL. Kind of like this Channing Tatum armor from literally the worst movie ever. I'm not even going to go into Roy's Fetish Friendly Corset Hoodie.


While, yes, motorcycles are cool and make you look special, they're not exactly practical when bullets are flying towards you. So instead of totally ripping off Batman (like when he does it in the comics, and Batman totally calls him on it), I suggest he goes for a truck or a rally fighter. BUT IT SHOULD TOTALLY BE A SUPER DARK GREEN!!!! And it should be completely decked out with road armor. So the new Chevy Reaper is an ideal choice.

It would be so bad@$$
It would be so [email protected]$$

3.) The HQ

OKAY SLADE KNOW'S WHERE IT IS, RA'S KNOW'S WHERE IT IS, CAPTAIN FRIGGIN' BOOMERANG KNOWS WHERE IT IS. When bad guy's break into your "Top Secret" Hideout, you need to "MOVE IT, MOVE IT!".

Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied. Oh wait actually there is one more thing. NO MORE STUPID BACKFLIPS ROY!!! WALK AROUND IT, OR JUMP OVER IT, BUT BACKFLIPS MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT, ROY.

Please comment, I really do want to hear from you guys and your opinions. Thanks for reading!


Whats your biggest problem with Arrow


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