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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
Dave Conley

Hello, Yeah it's been a while. Here we are at the end of the year almost and I haven't written anything since August. I remember I was going to write something about Robin Williams when he died and all I could write was Shazbot. Haven't written anything more than a Facebook post since.

Most of the time I get a little sad when I hear about an actor I'm a fan of when they pass away but the truth is only two celebrity deaths ever really knocked me for a loop. The first was the assassination of John Lennon and the second was Robin Williams. Maybe it's just because I've lived for half a century that these two artists have seemed like a huge part of my life. I remember when I was allowed to go get my first haircut by myself at 5 (I grew up in a small town and this was 1968) I got in trouble because I said it was alright if they gave me a Beatles haircut instead of the traditional brush cut. I still remember seeing Robin Williams first TV appearances and playing the vinyl out of his album "Reality What a Concept"

So since then I've been trying to get out and enjoy life more by being more child like instead of childish. I mean water balloon fights, fishing, blowing shit up (Very carefully of course with all manner of safety precautions) Luckily I had two inspirations in the form of two kids that lost their Mom 5 years ago and whose Father I would help out whenever they needed taking care of. Along they way since then some other personal acquaintances and celebrities passed away. Sad but I did not know them that well. Then my friend, the boys father died suddenly of a heart attack the day before his birthday. The two boys who referred to me as a part time Dad were taken away to live with relatives they hardly knew. A couple of weeks later A good friend I went to High School with died suddenly. Seems like this has truly been the dying season.

Well Jim Carroll recovered from Heroin addiction and this movie helped Mark Wahlberg become a movie star that can buy pardons now. Life is funny. Live, Love, Laugh so they say but you can't have that without some grieving for the loss of those who inspire those feelings in us to begin with. With all the racial troubles, wars, political and personal strife going on, my childish self forgets that this is part of the human condition for all of us. We are after all just different hues of the one and only human race. Even those celluloid heroes who get immortalized on Hollywood Blvd. ( Cue the Kinks song)

It's been a tough year. So I just want to look back with the child like wonder that movies have always inspired in me, pay tribute to and celebrate those we all have at one time or another admired, idolized, and even criticized because they somehow touched us with their work. Whether they are family members, friends, crew members, or Celebrities.

Always remember
Always remember

This is Moviepilot after all and even though there will be many of these in the next couple of weeks I thought Turner Classic movies did a great job with this video.

Farewell and a Fond Adieu to the filmmakers, actors & actresses who've passed away this year. May you continue to inspire people to live, love and laugh in 2015 and beyond.


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