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Today's blaze of fandom glory comes courtesy of cosplay artist Oki-Kospi, and her red-hot cosplay of Starfire, from Teen Titans!

I couldn't actually find a whole lot of information on this particularly talented cosplayer. Her Facebook page was pretty spartan when it came to biographical info (although she also has a deviantART page), but she had some things to say about the pictures in her own words:

I've been waiting for Starfire photos from NYCC and Rudi B Photography just posted some! I love that he's brought Starfire's hair to life! It reminds me of the comics so much more!

I definitely have to agree. Check this out!

Sadly, the fire is photoshopped - or else I'd have serious questions about whether or not this was cosplay or an actual super heroic alien with the ability to stand in flames like it's no biggie. In any case, it adds a lot, and like the rest of the project, looks amazing. Well done to Rudi B Photography for putting this smoking-hot effect to good use!

There's effort put into every bit of this cosplay down to the fingernails. I just noticed that, and it's so cool.

As always, thank you very much to Oki-Kopsi and the photographers who made this lovely fan-homage possible. If you liked this and have the time, please show them some love. Thanks for reading!

And because I feel like it has to be said for ladies wearing costumes like this - think before you comment, and please be respectful. :) Remember that she's a fan, and a human just like you. Even if she makes a great Tamaranian. Thank you!


Who's your favorite Teen Titan?


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