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Okay we're going to have a little bit of nerd time. Subject: The Sony/Marvel deal. Bear with me though this is my first story. Okay, let us engage in said article.

Okay so I know that this is exciting for everyone that loves Spider-man and that y'all want to see him back to where his rightful comic book origins lay but there can be good things and bad things about this deal so I'm going to list three pros and three cons that can come from this deal.


1) Spider-Man in Captain America 3: Civil War

This is the obvious biggie. Captain America 3: Civil War will, as the title suggests, bring the Civil War to head in the MCU. The Civil War Story line in which, if you have read the series, Spider-man is the epicenter of the whole war since he can't decide which side he should be on. This could open up so many possibilities, the morality choices that Spider-Man has to face. The dark dynamic that the story plays out in the graphic novels, this is basically the ultimate choice that Spider-Man has to face and it affects everyone in the Marvel Universe and it affects every movie after Civil War in the MCU.

2) All of the Marvel superheroes that are owned by Sony will also be owned by Marvel and they can also participate inside the Civil War

Although this is based on my speculation, All of the Marvel superheroes that are owned by Sony will also be owned by Marvel and they can also participate inside the Civil War which will make a much more dynamic movie when the Civil War comes to head in the MCU. This could lead to a heap load of new superheroes and villains that are owned by Sony, and this could lead to a whole new dynamic in the MCU, It also opens up more movie possibilities for the Sony superheroes.

3) The fact that Spider-Man could be directed by Director God Joss Whedon and written by Writer God Joss Whedon

Cmon you can not tell me that seeing what Joss Whedon can do with Spider-Man would be the most ABSOLUTELY amazing thing ever. Like look what he has done with MCU he has literally made it a super hero motion picture power house.


1) There is a strong possibility that Andrew Garfield isn't going to play Spider-Man anymore.

For all of the people that were in love with Andrew Garfield being Spider-Man, there's a strong possibility that he will not be playing Spider-Man again. The reason for this is that Marvel wants to start with a clean slate when it comes to their friendly neighborhood superhero, they do not want the pass transgressions of Sony Spider-Man to define new MCU Spider-Man.

The next two points are strictly opinion and speculation

2) Spider-Man might be replaced by Black Panther in Captain America 3: Civil War

Even though I said in the pros that Spider-Man is going to a part of Captain American 3, Marvel made a statement, which has all but been publicly confirmed (since I last heard), that the Black Panther (played by Chadwick Boseman) will take the place of Spider-Man in the Captain America 3. But it's not all bad the Black Panther could be an interesting replacement for Spider-Man in Captain America 3.

3) The Sinister Six movie might be on hold

Barring the fact that only 5 of the Sinister Six members have appeared inside the movies and that Kraven The Hunter or Mysterio has been replaced with The Lizard. The deal with Marvel and Sony could put a lot of movies that Sony had planned including the Sinister Six movie on hold while the superheroes are being transferred into the MCU.


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