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Bonnie is off alone for the tree ceremony, mainly because she is still stuck in 1994, but she isn’t going to let that stop her. She is ready to get their Christmas off to a good start. That sentiment was accompanied by the flashbacks of Christmastime their freshman year of high school. It’s frustrating that we have just hit the mid-season finale of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) Season 6 and we got no real major conclusion. Instead we had some reveals, but Bonnie is still stuck on the other side.

On the Kai front, he did in fact go to Luke and Liv to get them to work on his sit. His motivational tactic was that if he and Jo did the merge, Liv and Luke could live. It was promising and while Luke wasn’t fully on board, he went with what his sister wanted. Luke has been shown to be a bit of a lackluster character before. he initially came off as sinister and willing to do anything, but the more that we’ve learned of Luke, the more sentimental he has become. Despite this, it’s Liv who became a more prominent character. he brooding has become annoying and Tyler’s fawning over her is ridiculous. Luke wants Kai dead as a normal person should.

Instead, there is a massive weight put on Jo’s head. The idea that she is strong enough to push through and beat Kai is outlandish. Both Kai and Jo have been estranged from magic for a long time. The difference is that while Kai couldn’t practice without his own magic, but he could study magic. Jo, simply cast all magic from her life. Unless personal growth factors into magic, then they are still on equal playing fields potentially in the favor of Kai. Not to mention he is insanely crafty. The fact that he had an idea to sap magic from the travelers spell on the land was brilliant. Not only that, but it also removed the rather annoying complication of no one being able to enter mystic falls.

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