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Constantine has been the underdog amongst the comic book adaptations brought to the small screen. A great show that could be set at a better time, and consistently gets better with every passing episode. This show could have easily just been case of the week for Constantine, but it became so much more. And continues to do so with this first of two-part story “The Saint of Last Resorts”.

What sets this episode apart from the others off the bat is that this old friend that Constantine runs into is unlike the others and quick on her feet. Anne Marie (guest star Claire van der Boom), as one of the member of the fateful Newcastle crew stands out as one who genuinely saw Constantine for who he is and wasted no opportunity to fill him with regret. A lot more memorable and wasn’t someone to simply throw away for the sake of emphasizing the danger of being around him. She carried her own weight and proved to be just as much of a challenge to John as the actual threat is to them both even if she is the one asking for his aid. The tension between them can get you excited when John comes off as the kind of guy that gets the last laugh and she was not giving him that chance. In fact what you don’t overlook is how both Anne Marie and Chas put that pressure on John to check himself when out of line in his actions. Chas is still a character shrouded in mystery if you didn’t read Hellblazer, but he is still very distinguishable by his good nature and loyalty to say what needs to be said to John and showing compassion to all else.


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