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I ask this question and would like a serious response. Is there anything that can save Sony Pictures at this point? Now there are several reasons I raise attention to this question, so obviously let’s start with the one first on everyone’s mind: Will Sony ever give Spider-Man back to Marvel Studios (or get a Spider-Man movie right) and second, will the recent leak of unreleased Sony movies harm the company enough that people start to shy away from them? I have read letter after letter, review after review, and BLOG response after BLOG response, and it seems to me that Sony already has very little chance of regaining many of these fans.

Now let me tell you my side of it, and then we will get into it a little bit further. First off, I love Sony they have done great things with many a movie franchise. Okay so they haven't handle their super-hero movies well, but for every comic book failure I can name a good SPE release. For example Amazing Spider-Man was far from the best, but that same year we got 21 Jump Street, Amazing Spider-Man 2, most would say an epic failure, well we got Monument Men in the same year. What saddens me is that a Comic Book Movie (noted as CBM from here on out) or series, is largely what determines if a production company succeeds or fails in this current day and age. I love a good CBM as much as the next guy, but it shouldn't make or break any company.

Sony is currently in talks to work with Marvel on the new Civil-War film, (will it happen? I say most likely not) will this be the thing that allows people to fall in love with Sony again? Imagine this: Sony works with Marvel on the Spidey/Civil-War series, and in doing so Sony finally starts following the Marvel story lines that Peter Parker should have been following from the get go (Spectacular Spider-Man anyone?). I truly believe this could work out.
A connection with Marvel would allow Sony to improve on Ghost Rider as well as Spider-Man, Venom, and The Sinister Six. Why do I say this? It allows Disney/Marvel to keep moving as planned and not get bogged down with even more Heroes/Villains. Sony is obviously trusting Marvel and vice-versa to a certain extent or they wouldn't even be entertaining talks in the Civil-War landscape.

In my fantasy world Marvel works hand in hand with Sony, makes some money off each other, and in doing so improve such series as Spider-Man and Ghost Rider. Leaving Marvel and Disney to make their billions off of their tiered MCU, while at the same time leasing out works that could also be great if done correctly.

Will we ever see this? Not likely, but as a true CBM fan I have to admit this would work for me. Fox is doing really well with the X series, and I only see it getting better if they can get the continuity all worked out. Yes it’s a dream, and a far fetched one, but can you blame a comic book fan for dreaming? Marvel/Disney I ask that you work out something to where you can help Fox and Sony improve the Marvel series they have, while at the same time make it to where everyone wins! Sony open up your eyes anything that Marvel/Disney does for you, is Money in the Bank (and if you let them help, put's money in their pockets making them even more likely to help in the future)! Fox keep doing what you’re doing, improve the X series, but at the same time I do ask that you drop the stupid mutant copyright. It’s not helping you in anyway, but maybe, just maybe if you help Marvel by allowing them the mutant tag line as well… Maybe they’ll help you!

What’s there to lose, it’s win/win/win for Marvel/Disney, Fox, and Sony if they just do the right thing! So is there a chance for a Sony pardon? Yes there is, but Sony needs to get started on it ASAP, and not let this Civil-War fan dream fall through! Any thoughts on this?


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