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We have all seen our fair shares of fan-made Dragon Ball Z videos on Youtube and we are quite fed up of them, I agree. But this recent gem, which I got my hands on, is something worthy of spending our precious time on.

RObotUnderdog2 is a Youtube channel and the people there are creating a live action Dragon Ball Z web series based on The History of Trunks.

Gohan & Trunks face off against the evil Androids to save as many human lives as possible in a world where all hope is lost. Being one of the last heroes left, young Trunks must grow up quickly and learn from his master, Gohan, so he can save the fate of world.

Until now, they have released three trailers of their pilot episode and they are hoping that if they garner enough attention, they can get the rights for the rest of the web series or any further projects.

These are the three Trailers they have released until now. Watch them and spread the word. ^_^


These live-action Dragon Ball Z trailers look...

Source: RobotUnderdog2


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