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[SPOILER ALERT] If you have yet to see the Flash's mid-season finale, then don't read this article. Unless you're one of those people (like myself) who gets off on spoilers. But that being said, this is a pretty big one....

With that out of the way, let's talk business. The Man in the Yellow Suit was a wild ride from start to finish, including the first full appearance of the Reverse Flash, Barry admitting his feelings to Iris and Firestorm getting some time under the spotlight. But in this article, we're going to focus on one thing: we've been led to believe that a certain Harrison Wells is, in fact, our favorite bumbling CSI's arch-enemy.

"This has Harrison Wells written all over it."
"This has Harrison Wells written all over it."

I mean, why else would Dr. Wells have the Reverse Flash suit in his favorite hiding spot at S.T.A.R. labs? And that smirk! My goodness, that smirk! Now obviously there are many loose plot threads i.e. the Reverse Flash beating up Harrison Wells etc... but that isn't what we're here to discuss.

Because Even if Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash, Someone Else Killed Nora Allen.

Now, now, let me explain.

You see, the Reverse Flash that was in this episode (and the same one we've been coerced into thinking is Dr. Harrison Wells) has many distinctive features - i.e. a yellow suit, red lightning bolts etc - but one feature is particularly noticeable.

Most people have blue eyes, or hazel eyes.
Most people have blue eyes, or hazel eyes.

Those red eyes. Now, maybe they're a feature that is only activated by Dr. Wells when he's using his super speed abilities. But if the Reverse Flash killed Barry's mother, then it wasn't this Reverse Flash.

Reverse Flash on the night of Nora Allen's death
Reverse Flash on the night of Nora Allen's death

This image is the one we've been fed at the start of each episode of [The Flash](series:1068303)this year. Do you see the missing feature? Yup, it's those eyes. There are no glowing red piercing eyes to carve deep into your soul. Which implies that it's either an ability that comes with age, or there is more than one Reverse Flash out there.

By now, with all the other articles floating around the internet, I'm sure (whether or not you are a comic reader) that you are well aware that the Reverse Flash has seen five people take up its mantle. And I'm also sure you're aware, then, that only two of those are in the running (pun intended) to be the Flash's iteration of his archenemy. Well, it would seem they've both made the cut!

But Which is Which?

Well(s), it is hard to say. Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne, whose place is taken by Eddie Thawne in the show) and Zoom (Hunter Zoloman, currently not present in the show, not by his name anyway) both have red eyes, but in almost every illustration, Zoom (Hunter Zoloman) is the Reverse Flash with the most prominently red eyes.

Therefore, if Dr. Harrison Wells is, in fact, the Reverse Flash that we encountered in Episode Nine, The Man in the Yellow Suit, it would seem that he is telling Joe the truth when he says he's not responsible for the murder of Nora Allen.

What do you think?


Is there more than one Reverse Flash, and is Dr. Wells really one of them?


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