ByAditya Pothagani, writer at

sony are being foolish because even if marvel becomes the partner the spiderman franchise is gonna be 10 times better because marvel has been great with movies and they will, we can say that, we did'nt even know who were guardians of the galaxy were and now they are the most popular superheroes of 2014.marvel has a better plan, a better cinematic universe.

down below are some videos of the partnership deal of marvel and sony sharing their rights.

if marvel gives the spiderman merchandise rights to sony they will make equal money as there are many normal spiderman figurenes,masks and other toys, but none of the iron spider.okay there are toys of the iron spiderman from ultimate spiderman TV show but you know kids love spiderman toys.


marvel and sony need to work on this.i mean who does'nt want to see spiderman in civil war,avengers iinfinity war part 1 and 2 and rest of the marvel movies.


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