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As you may have heard from now Sony recently got hacked and some insightful information got leaked out was that Marvel wants the rights to the Spider Man films. So much so they tried to negotiate with Sony to having the creative rights which would allow Marvel to place Spidey in the MCU and will ultimately fit in with Civil War film plus Infinity War.

Sony wants to still utilize the story and the characters they've spent the last few years creating. In the last Amazing Spider Man film they planted all these seeds for example the Sinister 6, Peters parents and that love story with Gwen and Peter which going to expand with Peters traditional love interest Mary Jane. And not only that but Andrew Garfield has had a controversial run but personally I think he has done a good job considering that we only just finished with Toby MaGuire's fantastic Spider Man run.

Marvel wants a clean slate and a completely new story and origin... And yes at this point were sick of it I can actually hear the sighs.

Another approach Marvel could do is something a little different and open the audience to a comic fan fav of Mr Miles Morales. Those who are familiar with Miles will know he is half hispanic and black teenager. Miles at the moment in the comics is a teenager which would be a perfect blend for the marvel films where we see a youthful super hero battling up against Thanos. Miles addition will help create diverstiy to the MCU.

Or do you think Marvel should take the traditional route and again go with Peter Parker (a safer route) but it is a familiar route which you could probably miss all the iffy origin stuff like get bitten and focus a lot more on his transition of being a teenager and a superhero. This would make a fun addition to the MCU regardless.

Marvel none the less wants to focus on the transition of being a superhero and a teenage boy at the same time.

Reports have also stated that in January there will be a Spider Man summit that will discuss the future of Spidey.

What do you think should happen to the future of Spidey and Marvel? Vote and Comment


What do you think should happen to the future of Spidey and Marvel


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