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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to kick off introducing a semi-retired Batman, set after years of vigilante-ying. He will be using some form of drones to patrol Gotham from the Batcave. Nightwing will have moved out, Alfred will be getting older, The Joker will be pre-established. But WHY has Batman retired? According to this theory there are a number of factors (some really obvious) that lead to Batman's retirement.

Death in the Family

Most people believe that Batman will have been retired due to the event of Jason Todd, the second Robin's death. This makes sense with Nightwing established elsewhere by himself and also as a reason to cause Batman going into semi-retirement, or does it? I think this event will have occurred but will no have been the direct reason that Batman has gone into his retirement.

Side Note: Let's really hope this has occurred because it sets up the opportunity for an awesome Under the Red Hood movie in the future.

Affleck directed Under the Red Hood- epic...
Affleck directed Under the Red Hood- epic...

The Killing Joke

The paralyzation of Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Oracle will also have had a prime part in the retirement of Bruce as of Batman vs Superman. It makes sense to have had this event occur in the DCCU as it effected the Batman Comic Universe exponentially, and the Oracle character will be a great addition to the DCCU, the only reason that this shouldn't have already happened in the DCCU is if the event is planned to occur in an upcoming movie.

While I think this will be another factor that drives the retirement of Batman in the DCCU, we have yet to reach the event. However you may have already pieced together the common factor in the past two events (hint its a certain insane person featured in the picture below.

I think that the DCCU will not stop borrowing elements from "The Killing Joke" with the paralyzation of Barbara. The reason that i think Batman will be retired is loosely based in the last page of said graphic novel (spoilers i guess) were it appears that Batman kills the Joker. Now, obviously based on Suicide Squad announcements (or simply on the fact there's no way that DC would kill off their best bad guy), Joker will not be dead in the DCCU.

However Batman will have attempted to kill the Joker. (He will have been stopped mid attempt by an ally such as Alfred, Gordon or Dick Grayson).

This will be due directly to one of the reasons listed above and indirectly to the other. Despite the previously the two listed points having the potential to directly put Bruce into retirement, it would make more sense for Batman's attempted murder of The Joker to make him hang up the cape and cowl. After all, Batman's not the kind of person to let tragedy stop him, rather he usually sees tragedies as more reasons to continue his crusade against crime. However breaking his one rule? Crossing the proverbial line? That's enough to make Bruce quit his night job.

Hence, Batman will have given up the fight because he no longer trusts himself not to kill. This adds an interesting dynamic to the cape crusader, a little bit tougher but also more concerned about not letting himself go too far.

So what do you think? Could Batman have gone into early retirement before [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) because he tried to kill the Joker? Or do you have a completely different idea entirely....


Why do you think Batman will be in semi-retirement at the beginning of BvS?


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