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Movies have an interesting way in portraying Santa Claus. Some like to keep the mythological magic. Others gives him a more realistic role, such as the one of a person with big heart who brings peace and togetherness between people through normal human social interactions. There are those that prefer a character who is Santa only to get paid.

Screenshot from 1994's "Miracle on 34th Street"
Screenshot from 1994's "Miracle on 34th Street"

And of course, we can't forget those characters, who start with a rude and cynical attitude, yet gradually get so far into the spirit of Christmas that they themselves become Santa Claus.

In these plots, we often see Santa Claus in an environment very different than the jolly Christmas Eve.

He's caught up in the not so jolly realism of everyday life, and we basically see his struggle as he does everything he can to bring some colour in the cold and grey urban winter scenery. This brought up some thought as to what if Santa was really here among us during the rest of the year? If he is, what kind of professions would he be in?

Here are some suggestions.

#1. A Delivery Service Worker

Photo by Rosana Prada (find on Flickr)
Photo by Rosana Prada (find on Flickr)

Is there anything Santa would not be able to deliver like a pro?

From toy trucks, to house furniture, to your very own batmobile, because... it's the fricking batmobile! Santa can bring you anything for a record time. He uses an Eco-friendly vehicle. He will never mix up the address. He can bring any weirdly shaped object in your house (often through the chimney), which takes serious effort, and some magical devotion.

Long distance delivery is not a problem, as Santa can get everything done very fast. Not to mention, the payment for the trouble is usually a plate of cookies, a glass of milk, and maybe a carrot for Rudolph. Yes, people would be glad to use Santa's delivery service.

#2. A Chimney Cleaner


Many people don't realize the strategic genius of Santa being a chimney cleaner. Considering the serious job he is going to do on Christmas Eve, one might think, he is going to need all the chimneys prepared, because well... Santa being stuck in the chimney is not a good option. Neither for the kids, nor for Santa himself.

So, next time you forget to maintain your chimney, keep in mind that someone else might need it. Someone special, who will use it to bring joy to your whole family.

And, when you call a chimney cleaner, keep a weather eye on him - he might as well be good ol' Santa.

#3. A Ranger


Well, since Santa did take 12 reindeers as his most devoted helpers on Christmas Eve, it's obvious, he knows the importance of keeping the animal population protected. He is a nature lover, no matter how you look at it - from not using oil for transportation, to using the same slide every Christmas, to using the same reindeers every Christmas.

Santa doesn't just give people the joy of togetherness on Christmas, but he also promotes the love towards the animals and the beauty of nature, even when it's the coldest month in winter.

#4 A Manufacture Supervisor


So many presents... 7 billion of them, need to be made under organised supervision. Organisation is key here - make sure not to mix up the presents, make sure everything is made, don't make too many or too few, make sure every present has the right name and address.

This is NOT an easy task.

#5. A Charity Worker

I couldn't just leave out the most important job Santa Clause would like to participate in. No matter what he does and no matter how he does it, the original idea on Christmas is to give. St. Nicholas was the very symbol of charity, and Santa Clause takes it upon himself to give his heart to everyone.

Sometimes, in the form of presents, sometimes in the form of wisdom, and sometimes just to remind people that to give is what the world is all about.

And, of course, we should never forget that Christmas has just slightly little to do with presents, and a lot more with giving our love and friendship to everyone.


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