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Now i'm not the one to say that DC is having success with their properties at this point. Really i'm not, you have to talk to someone else. But i do believe that many people would like variety instead of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here is the reason why IN MY OPINION the DC Cinematic MULTIVERSE is a better concept than Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

"Thor took my cape, I took his kingdom"
"Thor took my cape, I took his kingdom"


The Marvel Cinematic Universe, while a good cinematic universe, was not the first cinematic universe. Haven't we forgot about the Universal monsters? But i digress. The point is Marvel's Cinematic Universe now has this formula going for their movies. Dude uses powers, Nothing is as it seems, Someone "dies", Turns out they're okay, and many, many, MANY laughs. Their phases are guilty of sticking with one formula, but ACT like it was different.

DC's universe, as said by Geoff Johns, is a multiverse. That way, the TV shows (ARROW, FLASH, CONSTANTINE, TITANS, SUPERGIRL, KRYPTON, and GOTHAM) can coincide with their own universe. So when the movies come out, they don't have to alter to movie-going standards. Even CAPTAIN MARVEL is not going to be in the same universe as SUPERMAN or BATMAN. Also, it's Captain Marvel. I don't care if Marvel has the rights to the name, Captain Marvel was in the 40s and wields the powers of Shazam. Not a woman in space, that was Ms. Marvel.

Cue Hans Zimmer Music
Cue Hans Zimmer Music


The main point of a cinematic universe is that every movie looks the same. But that could be generic and boring. Hey! Let's make it look like it's different but add the same formula. Don't like it? We'll kick you off the project for being different. I'm talking to you Edgar Wright.

See what I mean? If you can't go with the project due to restrictions of creativity, then you can't really fit in can you? That's why with DC, they let their creativity fly due to the fact that they could create a different universe. How cool is that?

If darth vader could see this
If darth vader could see this


The single most game changing event that has ever happened to any comic universe was the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. Not only does this have the single most heartbreaking storyline. But it brought the universes together to fight a common evil.

Think about it, Ben Affleck against Michael Keaton? Henry Cavill against Brandon Routh? How cool would that be?

But even merging with one universe isn't enough, what about the cinematic universes? But that is an article of another time.


So what do you think a possibility of a Cinematic Multiverse?


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