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This is my first time having a go at this so please be gentle......

I'm sure that almost everyone has seen the mid-season finale of Arrow by now.

I loved the episode not so much the ending but it did a great deal for the show it brought us face to face with Ra's al ghul, the infamous leader of the league of assassins. My questions that I have are fairly simple. How and when will Oliver come back, what method will be used, and what of our team back home in Starling City. With the introduction of A.T.O.M I think that the mantle will be held up for the time being. Will he try and have 'Team Arrow' help him in where the Arrow left off?

I think that the team will continue fighting and keep hope alive for Starling. I think that Roy will step up and become a leader and John, and Felicity will help him out morally and mentally for his journey. We will also probably be seeing the 'Black Canary' along with 'Wildcat' joining the team, although they will have a different motive in the end. Because remember Laurel is out to make sure that Sarah's killer pays for what they have done.

But what about Thea?? Will she become a threat to the city? I mean her father did try and wipe out an entire city. I am excited to see where the show goes, but I am also not expecting Oliver to come back right away I see this as a chance for the writers to develop a little bit more on other key characters.

Well that is all that I have for now, please leave some comments and if you have some answers to the questions I asked feel free to let me in the loop.

Thank you for reading!

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