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Alright so how awesome was that mid-season finale, right? I mean Wow! I could not ask for a better way to start a break than by dropping huge bombs. Now one of the many things people are saying is, "I knew Wells was going to be Reverse Flash all along" or "It was obvious that he was the bad guy". Now I am not going to say that's not true but I would also like to point out other obvious options.

So lets start with Wells as the actual bad guy. Wells has come to Barry Allen's home in Central City so that he can make Barry a better opponent. After all RF is in love with Flash. Not literally but he is obsessed. This is the fairly obvious story line that would explain Wells killing a man and all but at the same time like I said it's obvious. I personally do not think Wells is RF.

My Theory: So we all saw the device Wells put on the suit which made the suit speed up and react as..well the Flash.

My Theory revolves around the idea that Wells is still future Barry Allen. I mean how easy would it be for Wells to paint his old red suit yellow then put a device on it that makes it go super fast. Now why would he do this?

Wells has Barry under surveillance constantly so it wouldn't be a long shot to say Wells heard Barry's father tell him to let the man in the lightning go before it destroyed their family any farther. So Wells puts the device on his fake suit and uses it as a doppelganger. When he shows himself to Barry the spark will re-ignite and he will continue his search. On top of this any suspicion that Detective Joe West had would be thrown out the window because the doppelganger nearly beat the life out of Wells.

Those two facts right there make a good theory. Also if Wells is still really future Barry Allen then it would explain the flashes ring.

I still think that the real RF is Eddie. Not because his name is the same but also because the leaked fight pictures show a person who is more muscular a build than Wells. Also Wells is doing everything to make Barry better. If he was really the psycho that is RF then he wouldn't make it to where the Flash was so strong so that he could continue to win. Psychos like RF always wish to win.

Also the argument he changed his voice isn't really an argument as he being either RF or the Flash from the future he could change his voice anyways.

Now as Wells is not a real comic book character for the Flash there is no real telling which direction this whole show is going but I feel Wells being Prof. Zoom/ Reverse Flash is too obvious and that Wells was probably making sure his investment that was Barry Allen would stay sound. What do you think?


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