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It looks like Andrew Garfield might have to hang up his costume for good as it appears that he might be Spider-Man no more thanks to Marvels desire to remove Andrew from the role.

Andrew has done an incredible job in the past two Amazing Spider-Man movies as our favourite web slinging hero, Peter Parker. He is an amazing actor and he makes a great superhero.

Fans were devastated to learn it might be the "end of the web" for Andrew's career as Spider-Man. After The Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn't do so well Andrew assigned blame to Sony as they had deleted a lot of scenes, that in the end would've made the movie great. This ended up upsetting a lot of people. Now Sony has declined the chance for Spider-Man to be in in the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War where he plays an important part.

There has been rumours about a deal between Marvel and Sony to share the rights to Spider-Man. If this deal were to go through and Marvel had the rights to the character back, Andrew would no longer be a part of the Spider-Man franchise. Marvel plans to change The Amazing Spider-Man and start over, completely remaking the Spider-Man films. Their plan is to focus mainly on Spider-Man's origin story and the difficulty he faces being a teenage superhero.

If you ask me Marvel and Sony would be making a colossal mistake in firing Andrew as Spider-Man, not only does he do a great job on camera but off as well. Andrew has used his role as the superhero to help so many people, especially little kids. I would hate to see that come to an end.

It was a dream of Andrew's to be Spider-Man ever since he was a little kid, and once he got the role, he has wanted to be a part of the Avengers. Now that Spider-Man might possibly debut in the new Captain America movie premiering in 2016, after all his hard work and dedication, I sincerely think he deserves that chance.


Do you think Andrew Garfield should stay on as Spider-Man?

I say this not as a fan of Andrew but as a movie fanatic, Spider-Man is my personal favourite superhero and Andrew Garfield really is an AMAZING Spider-Man. I honestly don't see how the franchise would survive without him. I really hope Marvel will change their minds, because I would hate to see such a wonderful talent like Andrews go to waste.


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