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Frederick FatherChocolate Crew

Marvel said that they don't want Garfield as Spider-Man in their universe and that was what closed the deal with Marvel and Sony. That's what I read anyway. Marvel wants a clean slate for Spider-Man if they get him. I think we could see Spider-Man's origins as an end credit scene in a reshoot of Avengers 2. Assuming we get him. He looks like he can pull of Peter Parker too!

Drake Bell already is Spider-Man. Yes. Drake Bell voices Spider-Man on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Great show. I love it. I'll show you a clip.

I think that's Marvel's plan already. He actually already is Marvel's Spider-Man, just get him into the MCU.

Now getting back to Sony, why doesn't Marvel just buy Spider-Man back from Sony? Everything makes it seem like selling Spider-Man is Sony's best bet.

When they say clean slate, does that mean Marvel would make their own trilogy? If so, draw from cool titles like Avenging Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man. They can't use Amazing Spider-Man. I would love to see the Spider-Verse! You wanna build on dimensional travel? Hit us with that Spider-Verse. That movie should be called Spider-Man: Spider-Verse. I would love to see that.


I want him as Spidey! How about you?


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