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The Marvel universe has a wide selection of characters that can be addressed in future movies. It does not hurt to dream! So here is a list of 5 characters that I think should appear in Marvel's cinematic universe.

5- Iron Fist

Daniel Thomas Rand-K'ai, also known as Iron Fist, is basically a master of martial arts which can focus his inner strength in one fist, making it hard as iron.

Daniel Rand is the son of an American businessman named Wendell Rand, who as a young man, discovered the mystical city of Kun Lun. The city is manifested on Earth every 10 years, and when Daniel was 9 years old, he, his parents and their partner Harold Meachum made another expedition to search for Kun Lun. That caused the death of Daniel's parents. Harold returned to take the Rand business. Daniel finds the city and to express his desire for revenge against Harold, he is trained in martial arts, in order of Ti Yu. Ten years later, when Kun Lun reappears on Earth, Daniel transformed into the Iron Fist, and returned to civilization to carry out his revenge.

I would enjoy seeing Iron Fist because I think it would fit perfectly after [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) (which will appear in Phase 3), as Iron Fist joined the New Avengers formed by Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman and Doctor Strange in comics.

Despite that there is talk about an Iron Fist's TV series for 2015, I don't think that is own movie would harm anyone...

4- Punisher

A dedicated US Marine excelling as a soldier in every way, Frank Castle was a force to be reckoned with during the Vietnam War but also a dedicated family man - which proved to be his salvation. After a particularly close call in the closing years of the war, he resigned to a Special Forces instructor post in upstate New York so he could be closer to his wife Maria and two children, Lisa and Francis. Things finally seemed to calm down for them as Frank once more learned to live life in peace.

However, disaster struck when Frank and his family went for a picnic in Central Park. There they were witnesses to a mob execution, causing the mob to fire on the family as well - fatally hitting Maria, Lisa and Francis. Frank was also gunned down but survived. In the hospital, Frank found that not only could he not move on with his life, but the mob didn't want him to either and neither could he find justice within a corrupt system bought off by powerful criminals.

These events were the trigger for Frank Castle to become the Punisher. He went AWOL from the Corps and began his legendary career as tormented vigilante. He donned a black battle suit emblazoned with the image of a white death's head on his chest; first seeking vengeance for his family and next applying his skills to criminals and murderers the world over. In time he would rack up an immeasurable body count as he put his past life behind him and entered the never-ending war against crime.

The Punisher (for me) probably fits more on the Civil War movie or maybe its own movie with no conections with other characters.

3- Namor

Captain Leonard McKenzie was on an expedition in 1920 to Antarctica, looking for the mystical Helmet of Power. His ship, The Oracle, was stuck in ice flows, so McKenzie used explosive charges to break them up. Unknown to McKenzie, the ancient city of Atlantis was directly below.

The city was severely damaged and the Atlantean ruler, Emperor Tha-Korr, commanded his daughter to send warriors to investigate the source of the deadly blasts. Not wanting to endanger anyone else, Princess Fen made the journey alone. On reaching the ship, Fen was immediately captured by one of the crew but not speaking each other’s languages, she was unable to communicate with anyone.

Nonetheless having remained on board for a number of days, Princess Fen and Captain McKenzie fell in love and were married by the ship’s Chaplain. Weeks later Tha-korr sent a war party in search of his missing daughter. Thinking they held Fen captive, the Atlanteans attacked and killed all the humans on the ship including Leonard McKenzie. Fen was brought back to Atlantis and from that tragic marriage was born the first hybrid between a human and an Atlantean- Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

What's interesting about Namor is that he already fought alongside Dr. Doom against the Fantastic Four, but also was once part of the Fantastic Four... Not a very reliable guy...

2- Spider-Woman

Jessica Miriam Drew’s parents were Jonathan and Miriam Drew, two scientists whose life's work was dedicated to harnessing the environmental adaptive abilities of spiders by grafting elements of their DNA into the human genome.

Prior to Jessica’s birth, the pair moved to Wundagore Mountain to conduct their research with funding from HYDRA, under the auspices of General Wyndham. While working on these experiments Jessica's mother was hit by a laser beam containing the DNA, and subsequent physical traits, of several species of spiders.

The unborn Jessica, still in her mother's womb, took on these traits giving her a variety of spider powers. Jessica's parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving her to be raised on Mount Wundagore by a woman named Bova. Jessica was later recruited by HYDRA under the false pretense of HYDRA being a force for good in the world. There she was trained by Taskmaster in martial arts and the effective use of her powers to become a deadly assassin.

Jessica Drew eventually joined the New Avengers and even the Avengers, which after the Civil War movie would open lots of doors for new movies...

1- Nova

Richard Rider was an average teenager. Not the class clown, neither the wallflower, nor the cool kid. He went to high-school, had girl troubles and tried to help out his parents and younger brother when he was at home. All seemed to go their normal way for the young Richard until he came into contact with the Nova Corps.

The Nova Corps was a peace-keeping force that was based on the planet Xandar. The planet was destroyed by the space pirate known as Zorr. When Rhomann Dey, the Nova Prime, was dying he fled through the universe and went to Earth. There he chose Richard Rider to receive his powers and granted him the Nova Force. He was asked by Rhomann Dey to use his powers for the good of Earth and the universe and serve as it's protector. This was a lot for the teenaged Rider, but he nonetheless started a superhero career with his new found powers as Nova, the Human Rocket!

Nova is in this list, but he will probably appear in the [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113).

Tell me your choices!


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