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So recently I read an article by Kit Simpson Browne stating that eventually Lego Marvel and Lego Batman 3 would cross-over and make a Lego Marvel vs. DC game, but I personally have my own thoughts on the matter. I will be expanding on his general idea, I don't consider this copying but eh I personally consider it expanding upon his idea .For starters he stated that due to two post credit scenes in both games this going to happen. The Post Credit scenes are below!

1. "Batman" appearing in Lego Marvel

Skip to about 14:29 and there you will see what looks to be Batman jumping in front of the moon which if you didn't know is a common thing he does throughout the Lego games.

2. "Avengers Assemble?"

Skip to about :31 in the video there you will see what looks to be a silhouette of the Avengers, or I should say Iron Man, Hawkeye,Black Widow, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk. But in reality it was actually Booster Gold (Iron Man), Green Arrow ( Hawkeye), Black Canary (Black Widow), Nightwing (Spider-Man), Shazam with a mug (Thor), Aquaman with a sardine pizza( Captain America) and Swamp Thing (Hulk)

Obviously this group of characters would never be seen together in a group of any sort, Aquaman would never eat a fish because he is their king, and Shazam only had a mug to look like Thor. Another reason these both happened was so that Lego could subtlety say to the fans "we are going to cross over the two biggest comic companies ever via a Lego game suckas"

Here are my reasons of why this will happen!!!

1. Both have great fan appeal!!!

That's Right Folks both of these games brought in majorly good scores from Gameinformer like Lego Marvel got a 9/10 while Lego Batman 3 only got a 7.5/10. But either way the general fanbase of Lego just loves superheroes in general. I mean look at the original (but incredibly crappy) Lego Batman that released in '08 I mean that was the first combination of superheroes and Lego and it was incredibly well received by fans when it first released, so just consider the possibilities of how a good a game and how big a fanbase this game will have.

2. Has Comic-Book Source Material


Ok... This is a pretty weird storyline, it all starts with these two cosmic entities who are brothers and just happen to be the living embodiments of the Marvel and DC universes respectively . So in their anger towards one another they pitted their greatest champions against one another in an all out fight, with match-ups like Thor (Marvel) vs. Captain Marvel (Shazam Pre-52 DC), Robin (DC) vs. Jubilee(Marvel) and so on and so forth. But if Lego was to adapt this, add some humor, add a lot of new characters it would be an amazing game!!!

3. There is a dark effect of said comic book storyline

I'm Just Kidding! The only side effect of this is The Amalgam Universe! What's the Amalgam Universe you may ask? Well after the two universes fought, the two universes were then merged together , as the worlds were merged together so were their characters, creating new characters like Super Soldier (Superman combined with Captain America), Dark Claw (Batman combined with Wolverine), and Spider-Boy (Superboy combined with Spider-Man), and many many more!

So in conclusion, I think this will happen! Idea for article goes to Kit Simpson Browne! Tell me down in the comments section below what you think of my ideas!!! Also, please be helpful not hurtful! :)



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