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Beth fans have been raising hell since the moment she died in the season 5 mid season finale of The Walking Dead. Beth, played by Emily Kinney, was killed by officer Dawn after she stabbed Dawn in the neck. Beth died from a close range shot to the head. How could anyone come back from that? People die in zombie apocalypse. The threat that any character can be killed at an time is an important part of the show.

After raising 50,000 signatures on a petition and sending boxes of spoons (yes, spoons) to bring her back the Beth fans may get what they want. According to "Joshua Warren, the spokesman for FOX who also signed the petition, Robert Kirkman is trying to workout how to bring her back.", but then again the statements from the National Reporter may turn out to be completely false. We will just have to wait and see. I truly hope I'll find out my sources are wrong about this !

Bringing Beth back would cause a lot of problems for the writers and a lot of film scrapped. Are there going to be petitions for every character that dies? Bringing Beth back sets a bad precedence. For a show that has 16 million viewers, giving into a petition like this is just a bad idea.

I'm a huge Walking Dead fan but this truly disappoints me. I can't believe Kirkman would even consider going through with bringing her back to life or that fans would actually start a petition.


Should Beth Be Brought Back?


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