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In 2034 conflicts across the globe stretch NATO to their limit. A program is sanctioned to turn criminals serving life sentences into mind-altered and controlled Battle Drones for the purpose of warfare.

But in the heat of battle, one of their Drones regains his self-awareness. He now has a far greater fight on his hands: to escape his own forces and maintain his humanity. This is the premise of We Are Soldier, an exciting and ambitious independent sci-fi film that is crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The film will be crowdfunded in stages; the current phase going towards the filming of key battle scenes in March 2015.

We Are Soldier is helmed by Lee Asquith-Coe (writer/director) and a skilled, committed team including VFX supervisor Nick Tregenza who has worked on major productions like The Monuments Men, Hercules and Jupiter Ascending. Not only that, We Are Soldier will be helping to foster and grow new talent: with the University of Bradford's Visual Effects Production Department providing £750,000 worth of VFX software, hardware and personnel, all of the CGI, 3D animation and 2D compositing completed by students on We Are Soldier will go towards their final degree.

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, the We Are Soldier team have created a free game app for mobile phones.

We Are Soldier has a dedicated, skilled and passionate team behind it that are looking forward to bringing something truly special to the screen.

Want to help make it happen? Make sure you contribute to their current campaign HERE.


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