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So, after seeing the amount of views and good reviews on my last post, I felt I should hit you guys with some of the other stuff that's running through my mind.

First, the CW's rendition of [Arrow](series:720988) has been spectacular so far. Anybody who watches the show knows this already. The grounded, gritty, street-level approach to this show/character was the right way for CW to go about bringing Green Arrow to life. It sort of reminds me of Christopher Nolan's approach to his Batman trilogy. Both Arrow and Batman are mere mortals, display the right leadership qualities and are grounded in reality (for the most part). Now, I know everybody reads superhero comics for the "super" portion of it, meaning people with extraordinary powers and abilities. We may not have gotten any "powers" in Nolan's Batman or Arrow, but we do see an abundance of extraordinary abilities in the real world. When I was a kid, I used to read comics because it gave me a feeling of hope, in a way. Seeing people who could do these extraordinary things that would never be possible in reality. The best part of Arrow (and Nolan's batman) is that it shows us that you don't need powers to make an impact on your city or anything for that matter. Being a man is good enough. Granted, these men trained rigorously for many years and it definitely is not possible to be a vigilante in this world, but it is just a display of the power of man.

Anyway, so far, Arrow has done a great job with its plot and characters. I like theta they have Laural Lance/Black Canary, even thought I kind of hate her. Hopefully her development into the Black Canary will make her more tolerable. Obviously, there are multiple characters and story arcs that cannot be touched upon within the Arrowverse, but CW has been able to work around this with some lesser known characters and plots. They have taken these "lesser knowns" and put them in the forefront. They were able to make them more important to the viewers and made the known to the people who have never heard of them prior to watching Arrow. I don't think you could call Roy Harper/Arsenal a lesser known character, depending on who you are, but they were able to make good use of a sidekick for the first time on TV (or in movies). Personally, I have known about Arsenal, Speedy, Red Arrow or whatever he has been called in the past, but many people do not. I was talking to my friend Eric, who is an avid comic book read, for the most part, and he had no clue who Arsenal was. So, the way the show did his character really made him recognizable to some people who may not have known the character. The villains in Arrow are a prime example of the lesser known characters (unless you've read every Green Arrow comic in existence). The most prominent villains (the season-long villains) are the most recognizable. Season 1 was Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer, season 2 was Slade Wilson/Deathstroke and season 3 is Ra's Al Ghul. The one-and-done villains (some are in more than one episode) in Arrow are not as recognizable. Cupid, Bronze Tiger, Count Vertigo and Dollmaker are just a few. Now, some of you are going to go to the comments and bitch about how these villains are more known than I am saying they are. Go ahead. Most people did not know who they were before they were on Arrow. This is where the show really excels. It familiarizes the viewer with these characters. I also really like the additional characters that were made just for the show. John Diggle and Quentin Lance are the two that I appreciate the most. They add an extra dynamic to the show. Diggle adds the "voice of reason" aspect to the show and Captain Lance, more or less, plays the Jim Gordon to Arrow's Batman (minus the Bat signal). These small additions really give Arrow that little bit extra.


As far as this season goes, everybody that watched the show knows that Ollie is "dead". There has been much speculation as to what the next step is. I have heard multiple theories, such as the wounds being non-fatal, the use of the "mind control herbs" in order to alter Ra's Al Ghul's perception into thinking that somebody else was Ollie and, perhaps the best theory, the use of the Lazarus Pit to restore life to Ollie. Though it has not been confirmed, the existence of the Lazarus Pit has been hinted at. When we first meet Ra's, he is getting out of some type of bath. The speculation is that this is a Lazarus Pit. This theory was strengthened when Ra's makes a remark to Ollie that he hasn't been challenged in 67 years. Unless Ra's ages realllllllllllllly well, I would say the Lazarus Pit is keeping him young. I would put my money on that also. You really can't have Ra's Al Ghul without Lazarus Pits (I guess you could, but that would be kinda lame). So, now that the Lazarus Pit is the best option for bringing Ollie back, there has been a ton of speculation as to whether he will be normal or tainted by it. My hope is that he comes out normal. I do not want to see a story arc about crazy Ollie. Also, I think his coming back from the dead will be the next step in his evolution as a hero. He started as the Vigilante, then the Arrow and now, what I hope, is the final transformation into Green Arrow. The show has been slowly adding elements of the comic version of Green Arrow, so I would assume that is the next step. My favorite Green Arrow moment had to be the use of the boxing glove arrow. Obviously, he isn't carrying around a boxing glove arrow, but I thought it was a nice nod to the comics. I found myself laughing at it, actually.

Trust me, like all of you, I want to see Ollie come back. However, I do not want to see him come back right away. I really want some character development for Roy Harper/Arsenal. I think this is the perfect time for my boy Roy to step up into the hero role, alone, and show Starling City what he can really do. We already know Roy can kick some serious ass, but how will he do when he's out there alone? I'd like to think he can handle himself pretty well. This is also a good time to see Laural Lance make a slight transition into Black Canary. With Ollie out of commission, Starling will need all the help it can get. The question is, can Laural hold her own yet? She hasn't been trained that much at this point. I guess we'll find out soon. Diggle and Felicity are still around to help Roy and Laural, so that's a plus. I would also like to see Ray Palmer/ATOM don his A.T.O.M. exosuit sometime soon, even if he can't shrink.

These were just my thoughts, opinions and speculations moving forward. So if you like it or hate it, leave a comment. Thanks for reading!


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