ByMegumi Fukuhara, writer at

Ah Japan. The land of sushi, tea ceremonies and.....the Powerpuff Girls? Yes, that's right folks. Japan has its own version of the beloved trio of crime-fighting girls. "The Powerpuff Girls Z" is a combination of cute, sassy, and badass all in one series. While it does have elements from the original source material, there are some things that you won't find in the original series. For instance, Mojojojo does not have his short stature. Instead, he is taller and was formerly an ordinary monkey at the zoo before being struck with black "z" rays. He still dons his signature cap. The girls themselves have kept their original names (Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup), however, they are portrayed as sweet and sassy, yet lovable middle school students rather than adorable kindergarteners. The girls themselves do not live with the profession, but rather, they visit him and Ken at their humble abode when they are summoned upon. They were struck with white "z" rays, after Ken shot a drum of Chemical Z at an iceberg in New Townsville Harbor. The girls can also transform into the Powerpuff Girls, using their transformation belts. Whenever the Powerpuff Girls are need, Poochy calls upon them from afar. In this version, Professor Utonium has a son named Ken, and they have a talking dog named Peach (Poochy in the English dubbed version). They work with the mayor of New Townsville (yes, New Townsville) and his gorgeous assistant, Miss Bellum. The other PPG villain are the same (Princess, the Ameba Boys, The Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins and the Rowdyruff Boys), but there are also new villains in the line-up, such as Negatron, a giant black-and-white Transfomers-type camera that strips the citizens of New Townsville of color, and the The Great Gigi, an egotistical hairstylist turned villain. Despite these changes, the Powerpuff Girls are still lovable. It's a hit or miss, but it all depends on the viewer's taste. Nonetheless, I enjoy both versions of PPG, especially the Japanese anime version. Where to find the Powerpuff Girls Z: Crunchyroll. You can find both the English dubbed and the Japanese subbed version on Youtube. It is definitely worth watching.


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