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DC have announced a large number of movies for their Cinematic Universe. With the likes of The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman getting their own movies. Looking at fan favorite characters that are yet to have received this honor a stand out is Nightwing a.k.a. Richard 'Dick' Grayson. Now making a Nightwing Movie wouldn't be without its share of difficulties but the DCCU does look like it will be set to make this idea a reality (it has been stated that Dick has already left Batman before BvS). I'll be outlining how I think this movie would be best played out if it occurs.

Firstly, Nightwing needs to distance itself from Batman, otherwise it will lean too heavily on this connection and not allow Dick to shine in his own spotlight. Therefore i think that an appearance by Batman should be featured only at the very beginning, preferably through flashbacks. This would allow Dick's history as the first Robin to be established but also not dwelled upon.

The Set-Up

An initial Nightwing movie should be focused on the title character attempting to establish himself as an individual identity. Nightwing featuring Dick moving to another city and trying to make an impact would be the perfect coming to age story. Which leads me to my next point...

The City

Bludhaven is the logical setting for Nightwing. Despite recent successful New 52 comic books placing Nightwing back in Gotham or in Chicago, as well as a previous comic books placing him in New York. Bludhaven will always be treated as Nightwing's hometown. Bludhaven is a smaller city than Gotham but one that is overflowing with corruption and, before Dick arrives, a city without a hero watching over it. This give Dick the opportunity to make a name for himself, working from the ground up to change a corrupt city. But he doesn't need to do this alone...

The Ally

Even though Nightwing is a story of a sidekick moving out of his mentor's shadow, Dick Grayson has always been one to thrive on relationships and allies. Playing a lot better with others than his mentor. So who should be at his side when he ventures out to save Bludhaven? His on again, off again love interest Barbara Gordon.

Have you seen the Youtube Series "Nightwing: The series"? In it Barbara is the one to reach out to Dick as he tries to distance himself from his allies. I think this would be the most appropriate decision for Nightwing. Have Dick wanting to leave his old city and allies behind completely (perhaps after the death of Jason Todd and/or Batman's decision to retire), but have Barbara, already in the Oracle role trying to reach out to him. Oracle's involvement brings a strong, important and complex character to the film. The fleshing out of how this character, which to general audiences is seen only as Batgirl, became Oracle, and the emotional turmoil that Barbara faces from that event could easily be one of the highlights of a movie. There's nothing stopping Nightwing becoming a movie revolving around not just Nightwing but Barbara as well.

The Villain

This is the hardest thing to pick for a Nightwing movie. Do you go with a big Batman villain? That has its merits, showing that Nightwing is able to defeat them but also ties perhaps too closely with the Batman universe. A minor, lesser known Batman? Un-aware audiences will not see this as taking advantage of a Batman villain, but the majority of people with internet will see this as Nightwing fighting someone second tier. Are there any worth Nightwing villains? Well kind of...

The villain that i think would work best for an initial Nightwing film is one with heavy affiliations to the Nightwing, while not initially being a Nightwing villain. I am talking about Blockbuster, specifically the second Blockbuster, Roland Desmond, who unlike the others has a higher than average intellect and featured heavily in the Pre-New52 Nightwing run.


In the Pre- New52 storyline, Roland Desmond had established a criminal empire in Bludhaven shortly before the arrival of Nightwing. As previously stated Nightwing would have a focus on Nightwing having an impacting on a criminally corrupt city, similar to what Batman had to face originally in Gotham. Having Blockbuster as the villain allows a mix between organised crime and super villain mastermind. Blockbuster is an interesting villain who, with his position on top of the criminal underworld, could employ a few more agile assassins to take down the former boy wonder (Deathstroke, Ravanger or Lady Shiva anyone?), allowing some awesome athletic fight sequences that Nightwing is known for.

Do you want a Nightwing movie? Who would you want to see as the villain? Leave comments about my ideas and your own ideas below!


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