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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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When things get rough between 2 people a fight starts! Welcome to a new article session I like to call Weekly Throwdowns it's where 2 characters from different movies will go against each other once a week and for this week it's Robocop vs Terminator the results will say who'll win according to the votes.

Lets start with...


The half-robot half-cop going against the Terminator is going to be awesome lets take a look at RoboCop


Cybernetically enhanced strength: RoboCop's bionic/cybernetic replacments give him a vast amount of strength, much stronger than humans.

Armored durability: RoboCop's cyborg replacments are made with an high tech armor that is resistant up to .50 caliber.

Cybernetically enhanced speed: RoboCop's bionic replacements make him much faster than humans.

Cybernetically enhanced reflexes: RoboCop is faster due to the quantum processor in his brain

Database and surveillance connectivity: RoboCop can access police databases and Detroit's CCTV cameras, which help locate criminals and their activities easily. He also has access to archive CCTV footage from 2011 to 2028/present day.

Tracking: RoboCop can track unencrypted handphone signals.

RoboCop has got to be the winner here have you seen him take down Thomas King in RoboCop in just a few seconds

OK Now lets take a look at what Terminator's got against RoboCop


For his upcoming Terminator Genisys movie next year, Lets prepare him for a fight of his life against the Cyborg-Cop RoboCop.

The Terminator is a cybornetic military infiltration unit. Expert in all types of weapons has a large amount of strength. It can speak naturally and copy human voices, as well as other abilities. The Terminator comes in many forms, however, the T-800 seems to be the most iconic design.

Now I don't really know much about Terminator but all I know is that he'll be getting his ass kicked by RoboCop (no offence).


As seen in the movies, a terminator can withstand standard 20th century firearms, crash through walls intact, and survive explosions to some degree. Repeated shotgun blasts have enough force to knock it down and temporarily disable it, while heavy amounts of automatic fire are able to compromise the organic disguise layer. In the second film, the Terminator says he can run for 120 years on his existing power cells. In the finale to Terminator 2, his power source is damaged, and he is able to find an alternate source, described on the DVD commentary as heat sinks, harnessing the thermal energy from the hot surroundings. In the third film, the T-850 series terminator operates on two hydrogen cells and discards one of them early due to damage. It explodes shortly thereafter with enough force to produce a small mushroom cloud; the fact that many of them are powered by nuclear fuel cells is confirmed by the fourth film.

CPU and programming

The terminator CPU is a room-temperature superconducting artificial neural network with the ability to learn.[3] In Terminator 2, The Terminator states that "the more contact [it] has with humans, the more [it] learns." In the Special Edition, he says that Skynet "presets the switch to 'read-only' when [terminators] are sent out alone", to prevent them from "thinking too much". Sarah and John activate his learning ability, after which it becomes more curious and begins trying to understand and imitate human behavior. This leads to his use of the catch phrase "Hasta la vista, baby." A line spoken by the Terminator at the end of the film: "I know now why you cry, but it is something that I can never do." Sarah muses in the closing narration that the Terminator had "learn[ed] the value of human life".

Organic covering

The flesh-covering that is used on the majority of terminator models has similar qualities to real human muscle fiber and dermis, including soft tissue and skin, as well as the ability to sweat, simulate breathing and produce realistic body odor.[4] Although terminator flesh does contain blood, it only displays minimal bleeding when damaged and has never been shown to experience any kind of profuse bleeding even from massive lacerations and dozens of gunshot wounds. It is unknown what manner of circulatory system, if any, is employed, nor what biological processes take place to sustain the flesh covering since T-800's do not eat food. At least some terminator models can consume sustenance. Cameron eats a corn chip in the Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot, and later a piece of a pancake. The liquid metal T-1001 is also shown to have this capability. The T-888s presumably consume food, given Vick Chamberlain's ability to maintain a human cover for years while married to a human woman. The organic covering was developed for the 800 series, and was its unique feature when first introduced. In the first film, Kyle Reese states that the 600 series were covered in rubber skin, which proved unconvincing and made them easy to spot.

Liquid metal

The T-1000, T-1001, T-X, and T-1000000 machines employ a "liquid metal" mimetic poly-alloy that allows them to quickly shapeshift to achieve near-perfect mimicry and also rapidly recover from damage.

The T-1000 and T-1001 models, which are composed entirely of the substance, can quickly liquefy and assume forms in innovative and surprising ways, including fitting through narrow openings, morphing their arms into solid metal shapes or bladed weapons, walking through prison bars, and flattening themselves on the ground to hide or ambush targets.[9] It can also extrude small, simple items from itself (such as a pair of sunglasses). It can change its color and texture to simulate flesh, clothing, and other nonmetallic materials. They are effectively impervious to mechanical damage, such as being dismembered, shot with bullets, or attacked with explosive devices. Wounds close almost immediately, and any detached parts simply flow back into the terminator's body. Low temperatures can cause the liquid metal to freeze, which inhibits its ability to move or shapeshift.

Freezing also appears to have a lasting negative effect on its ability to shapeshift. In Terminator 2 - The Extended Special Edition, there are additional scenes that show the T-1000 partially losing control of its morphing ability after it has recovered from being frozen by liquid nitrogen. One of its hands stick to a railing and while walking its feet unintentionally assume the texture of the floor.

The T-X model is covered by the mimetic poly-alloy, providing it the ability to mimic humanoid forms while enforcing the endoskeleton beneath.

Other Skynet battle units

As seen in the "future war" scenes from various Terminator media, Skynet employs robots not designed to appear as humans even while having access to those who are. This page primarily discusses the Infiltrator subfamily of Humanoid Hunter-Killer branch. Simple Humanoid Hunter-Killers (HKs) share the endoskeletons and combat characteristics with Infiltrators, but not the living tissue sheath. Instead, they serve as general infantry.

So again no offence to you Terminator fans it's just for fun but RoboCop is probably gonna kick Terminator's ass.

Incase you missed the Terminator Genisys trailer watch it right here


You vote who'd win?


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