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iron man,spiderman,captain america,black widow,captain marvel,hulk,guardians,doctor strange,she-hulk,blade,ghost rider,luke cage,silver surfer,fantastic four,THE IMMORTAL MUTANT wolverine,ALL THE X MEN,daredevil,FRICKIN' GOD OF THUNDER thor .............huff panther,nick fury,namor,ant man,wasp,nova,iron fist...huff puff and the list goes on and on and on and on.marvel has given us so many astonishing superheroes over the past years.they are our mentors.we want to be like them.heroes like iron man encourage to do something new,build somthing new.captain america gives us hope,he tells us to be brave,be youself,spiderman teaches us a lesson about responsibility and no matter how small you are you can make a difference.

2.they're cinematic universe{(duh)it hd to be one of the reasons}.

come on there is not one single person on the whole planet(well, except some people in my city)who has not seen one marvel movie or at least heard of it.marvel has done a great job at their movies.i don't even need to explain why they are soooo good.

3.they are a bit more realistic than DC comics.

i mean come on,you want me to believe that there are superheroes who don't want to kill sinister and mad people(joker),robots(braniac) who kill dozens of people daily.and that is the only thing that bothers me and also thing i love about batman but o be realistic if superheroes don't kill villians the villians come back with more greater power and kill our beloved heroes. i mean look at iron man and captain america they want to live in peace but when needed they kill.and can you belive that an alien space ship carrying a baby kryptonian which is millions of lightyears away travelling to earth din't get hit by one,ONE, small meteor.and that will can power something and that there is a thing called SPEEDFORCE.


i know some people are gonna hate this article.well that is okay.I might have missed out some information.and mostly people are gonna hate me on the last point but thats what makes it intresting that we can debate if thats right or wrong or if marvel is better or DC.PLEASE giive your opinion on:


which point was your favourite?


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