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Matthew Chapman

Can Disney do any wrong with their animated films? They most definitely did not with this one!

I’ll just give a mention to the short film that played before the movie called ‘Feast’. A beautiful story with plenty of heart, none of which is compromised in it’s short 6 minutes.


Now let’s talk Big Hero 6.

I actually hadn’t heard a lot about this film, had only watched the trailer once but it’s a Disney film so I felt pretty safe with going in without knowing a lot about it.

This film was released in American on November 7th but Australia wasn’t getting it in cinemas until December 26th! I was lucky enough to go to an advanced screening.

After all these years, Disney sure does know how to have you laughing one minute and bawling your eyes out the next!

The animation, the scenery and the colours are all beautiful. The voice cast fit the characters perfectly and the story is just amazing.

Big Hero 6.
Big Hero 6.

There is the right amount of comedy and emotions, loveable characters and a mix of The Avengers and How To Train Your Dragon.

Having said all that, Baymax, the personal healthcare robot, steals the whole show!

An awesome movie that the whole family can see and watch more than once.

I will 100% be purchasing this on day one!


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