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Hello and welcome to, a website where anyone can contribute and create content about popular culture, TV and, of course, film. With thousands of readers and hundreds of contributors, Moviepilot is a unique and fascinating website with loads of interesting articles and opinions. Whilst visiting Moviepilot you'll learn many things about movies and indeed about the website itself. So, I hereby present 5 things that you'll learn about Moviepilot, on Moviepilot.

5. It's really all about Superheroes

Superheroes like these upstanding citizens
Superheroes like these upstanding citizens

The modern day box office is dominated by superhero films, with Disney (Marvel Studios), 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and even, unfortunately, Sony all getting in on the act to varying degrees of success. This is well reflected on Moviepilot where you'll find that a large majority of posts are about Superhero films. Some are good, some are less so, but there is an incredible amount of them.

So if you've come to find an in-depth discussion about the latest indie flick, it's probably here, but you'll have to sort through a lot of Superhero stories to find it.

4. It's for the fans

Also, some of the pictures don't really make sense
Also, some of the pictures don't really make sense

Here at Moviepilot, all the contributors and creators are fans of what they are talking about. They are passionate and loving, but sometimes a bit blind. If you even insult a film, even a bad one in your article, expect that there will be at least one person who comments on how much they loved that particular film. Even if only one in ten people enjoyed a film, 90 in 100 reading an article on Moviepilot enjoyed it. So diss at your own peril.

For example, if I were to state that, "Mockingjay Part 1 was boring, bland, anticlimactic, padded out and dull" I would get fanboys and girls in the comments quick to point out how incredible it was (It was really boring though).

There's something beautiful about that though, here at Moviepilot you'll see that people just genuinely love films, they love their favourite franchises with a deep passion and respect. It's refreshing to see so many people who really enjoy films and love to talk and write about them. It's one of the best parts of the website.


Was that last paragraph too sappy?

3. The people who vote on polls are ridiculously optimistic

So, you're telling me...
So, you're telling me...

Moviepilot's poll feature is one of varying interest. Sometimes it can be used well, to asses the general consensus of the readers, sometimes, it's a bit pointless (see above). But overall, the thing that you will notice most about polls are how ridiculously optimistic people are.


In case you're wondering, yes, I did edit these, but I only to remove the pictures to make the article flow in a more smooth fashion.

I'm sorry to pick on Kit a bit in these pictures but his articles get posted to facebook a lot so they a lot more votes than others.

Look, I know there was a chance but "Absolutely" and "Done Deal" should only be said about stuff that, you know, actually happened

More abuse of the word "Absolutely" here

Seriously? I know it's a possibility, but it is still incredibly unlikely, Marvel would have released it with all the others, surely?

I give up.

As a naturally pessimistic person I find myself constantly being surprised by the amount of yes votes on polls, but then again, that's what Moviepilot is all about, fans who just want to believe everything they read in the hope that everything they want will happen. Good luck in your lives optimists, we pessimists believe you'll end up the same as us anyway.


Moviepilot Polls are great but...

2. No matter how sceptical you are, you love personality quizzes.

These things
These things

There's no denying it. Personality quizzes are tremendous fun. There's quizzes based on every topic imaginable from every franchise you can think of. You'll be examining every aspect of yourself, every little decision in order to find a result that, let's face it, you've never though about before, but are now intently interested in, as you know that Moviepilot Quizzes are far better than Psychiatry in terms of diagnosing any potential mental illness.

They can be offbeat, zany or even just ridiculous and they don't really matter at all, but they sure are fun and you just can't stop yourself from clicking on them. Moviepilot has a wealth of really great an inventive quizzes and I invite you to check them out. There are some really good ones in there.

1. Contributors are Awesome

Often, there isn't enough space to write a full cap
Often, there isn't enough space to write a full cap

The number 1 thing that you'll notice if you spend a lot of time on moviepilot is how many really great talented contributors and creators there are. Content on Moviepilot comes from all types of people from all across the world and is the best part about the website. Anyone can contribute and it adds to the diversity of articles an opinions that can be found here.

With so many contributors you can find great, interesting articles on a huge variety of topics and subjects. Moviepilot places a huge importance on the contributions of their creators and it really shows.

So if you, unlike me, are an awesome contributor, give yourself a pat on the back, because you're the best part of this website.

What is your favourite part about Moviepilot? Comment below with your opinions, or if you want you can keep them to yourself, I don't really mind.


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