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A celebration and event for fans by fans!

Hello guys, fans, fanboys, fangirls, ladies and gentlemen!

I'd like to tell you that I am trying to make a fandom celebration event or sort of that. Like christmas, halloween, easter or what else.

It's going to be on 16th of April (16.4. every year) and everywhere on the world. Now there are only about 400 of us on facebook ( but I've hoped that maybe u'll read it here and share it or join. It would make me really glad and happy. (you can also just talk in the group with the others about your fandoms, ask them for help, share a photo of your costume or collection - whatever you want)

Well, to tell you what it is about: At that day, fans and fangirls would wear a cosplay or a costume, or just wear a favourite fandom T-shirt, clothers, necklaces, rings - whatever. Or just rewatch your favourite movies, TV shows, play your favourite games or read your favourite book(s). Or just play with a sonic screwdriver, lightsaber, blaster - I don't know. JUST DO FANDOM STUFF! Or you can go out and say loudly: Allons-y! Hail Megatron! For Panem! For Narnia! For Sauron! Hail Hydra! For Hogwarts! Geronimo! May be Force be with you! Bad Wolf! or write it somewhere (but please legally, we're not going to spray it somewhere violating law). Just do stuff - I think that you understand me.

Well I hope that you will not remove this as ''making my own success''. I am making it (or at least trying) for you! It would be good for me having something else than still having Xmas, Halloween etc. with fan stuff.

Oh and btw: We have a room ( where we're going to play and listen to game/book/movie sountracks, epic music (like Two Steps From Hell or Audiomachine) and I'll try to avoid actual music like pop, rap or metal.

So please, share this, spread the world, invite people! And let's get ready for FANDOM DAY!


When: 16.4. every year (or I hope so)

FB group:

What will we do: wear a costume, take a photo with your fandom stuff, watch your favourite movie, TV show, read a book, play a game - whatever related to a fandom!

Thank you again and I hope this won't be deleted!

P.S. If you know what fandom is: it's just fanbase of some book, movie, series, saga, game, TV show, music author/singer and many more. It's not just a group of hardcore fans - if you like something at least a bit, you can say it's your fandom. Sometimes fandoms can be families. It can be Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Tolkien, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, Divergent, Sherlock (both new and old victorian Doyle one), Marvel/DC (or other heroes), Star Trek, StarGate, Chronicles of Narnia and much more!

If you have any questions, ask me here or on facebook. (or steam: or skype: czechonardo)

Thank you again! May the force be with you!

(and sorry for any grammar or non-grammar mistakes and my english and for my ''spam'' if you think this article is pointless because it's not review or theory of any of these movies down there)


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