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Remember last year's doubtful (boring) Oscar win for "Gravity" as best motion picture? Well the "Interstellar" is going to shred it in parts.

Christopher Nolan is a well-known director with a marvelous background of great movies let alone my all time favorite "The dark knight". Yet in this movie, he and his brother Jonathan Nolan, dared to intertwine the ideas of both cinema and hardcore science. Resulting in what many called the best science non-so-fiction movie ever made.

Nolan's touch difference from that of gravity is in ensuring that the main theme of the very scientific movie is love.

Last year, “Gravity” went on to earn a total of seven Oscars, including best director, and nearly swept the tech categories, and was also nominated for best picture. But can I say that Clooney's Gravity is much shallower than McConaughey Interstellar? Matthew McConaughey is coming off a Best Actor Oscar for “Dallas Buyers Club,’’ and his work here is equally impressive. Mathew McConaughey or Dr. Cooper eyes said more words than his lips did all wrapped into Zimmerman heartfelt Oscar-worthy soundtracks. As for the supporting cast, Michael Caine has two Oscars on his mantle.

The film also provides strong female roles for Anne Hathaway, who won a Best Supporting Actress statue two years ago and helped the world in this movie with her heart compass.

Jessica Chastain, the heroin of Zero Dark thirty has been nominated twice for the Oscars twice. And she can be a very good candidate this year.


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