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Marvel has four 13 episode Netflix series' coming from May 2015 onward. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. The shows are going to explore the grittier side of Marvel, yes, more dark than Captain America: Winter Soldier. But there is one question on everyone's minds:

Is a darker Marvel a good idea?

Daredevil in Shadowland
Daredevil in Shadowland

Yes. A darker Marvel is what we need. In general, when Marvel Studios movies take a darker route they are better: Iron Man 3 (it wasn't great, but it was definitely better than IM2), Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Thor 2 are cases in point. It will also shut up people who say Marvel is too childish. Before I was a blind Marvel fan, but now that I think about it, a lot of the Marvel movies have actually been pretty mediocre. Taking a more serious tone will definitely make the MCU better. Here are some other things Marvel needs to do:

They need to make this for hardcore fans

Marvel should really go all out with this. There is a chance these shows will get a second season, so Marvel should really build on this. We want all the cameos, supporting characters, easter eggs, and action we can get. We want the fans to see Daredevil's costume evolve over the course of the show. We want Marvel to make this for the fans.

Team-ups are CRUCIAL

Who doesn't want to see Daredevil team up with MOONKNIGHT? Or Iron Fist getting help from Shang-Chi? The world of Hell's Kitchen is a dark place full of gangs and crime lords. The heroes can't stop it on their own. They need to work together. Crossovers are essential to make Hell's Kitchen work. It would be really awesome to have a "Heroes for Hire" episode on Daredevil or even Agents of SHIELD. This is one of the best opportunities to make D-List characters more popular. Especially Moonknight, who is way underrated, considering how awesome he is. We need team-ups, because it will make for a more cohesive universe. Which brings me to my next point...

Connect it as much as possible to the MCU

We need many call backs to the Battle of New York and HYDRA taking over in the Netflix shows. It would be awesome to have a Daredevil episode crossing over with Agents of SHIELD. One thing that several MCU films have been lacking is the fact that they don't seem that interconnected until an Avengers movie comes out. The shows have to connect with the MCU and should also have a role in introducing future MCU characters. It is also the best place to (possibly) to introduce.....


Spider-Man is one of (if not THE) most popular comic book characters in the world. So of course, the way he has been handled by Sony (mostly Spider-Man 3 and the Amazing Spiderman 2) has been pretty, um, terrible. Now, I know most people want him introduced in Captain America: Serpent, Civil War, but maybe we could just have him guest star in an episode. Maybe just a cameo, but I'm hopeful, that, if the deals between Marvel/Sony work out (the deal is genius, Sony just won't listen), we could have a Daredevil/Spider-Man team up. Of course, this would be a much darker take on the character, but it would be so worth it.


What do you think? Should Marvel go dark with the Netflix series?


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