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There are people out there who are questioning some of WB/DC's decisions for their movie slate. There may not be many of them, but there are enough to warrant this article.

Now, to start off, let's take a look at what WB/DC has planned.

Is the fact that Suicide Squad is relatively unknown a help or a hindrance?

WB/DC's movie lineup through 2020
WB/DC's movie lineup through 2020

The biggest issue with this list has to do with [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363). It's not an issue among us comic book and superhero fans who know, probably, too much about comics. We're looking forward to this - for the most part - it's the rest of the country that's a little skeptical.

For one, the name is a bit off-putting. A good friend of mine, when hearing about the movie, said "Suicide Squad? Uhh... No thank you, haha." I tried explaining to her how awesome Suicide Squad is and how wonderful the movie will be. But she just wasn't having it.

Another thing is how few people actually know about it. Even some big comic book readers don't really know much, if anything, about the Suicide Squad. This worked out for Marvel with [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), which is enough to convince most fans. But there are others out there thinking that it won't work. They argue that Marvel had enough sense to build up their cinematic universe before making their underdog movie. Which is true, but that isn't why Guardians of the Galaxy was a success.

The movie was a success because no one knew about it.

Let me explain.

Most comic book movies that had been released leading up to GOTG were well-known. They were well established heroes with established villains and established plots (multiple plots, yes, but plots nonetheless).

You had every Batman movie ever, Superman movies and shows, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Flash, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), and more. All of these heroes are A-listers. GOTG can be argued to be C, even D-list heroes. Now, they're renowned heroes. Loved worldwide.

Most of that love can be attributed to Marvel being able to make beautifully wonderful movies. But the rest can go to the fact that no one expected much out of this movie.

You heard me. Most of the world expected this movie to be awful. Another friend of mine, who loves Marvel and everything to do with Superheroes, said, "Guardians of the Galaxy looks like a joke. It's not a real superhero movie." I wanted to slap him.

But, that's my point. He wasn't expecting it to be a good movie. No one was (almost no one was). We were all willing to give it a shot because it's Marvel. And what a movie it was.

So what does this mean for Suicide Squad?

Marvel has proved to us that outlying comic book stories can make wonderful movie adaptations.

The general public - and sometimes comic book readers themselves - will lower their expectations. They won't think much about it. They'll still go see it. Especially after we wondrous fans rave about how awesome a movie it was. But they still won't expect much. That way, even if it isn't the best movie of the year, they'll still be impressed, because they were not expecting any of that.

So, now we get why Suicide Squad will do well. What about the rest of the movie slate?

Batman vs. Superman

Batman vs. Superman is pretty self explanatory.

Justice League: Gods Among Us

Justice League: Gods Among Us (Parts 1 and 2) will get a lot of hype as well.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a movie people have been waiting for for a long time.


Aquaman is definitely not something most people are looking forward to. He isn't really well received among fans. Sure, we all think he's decently cool and a pretty good superhero. But no one truly loves him (or at least very few people do). This movie will be great because they have Jason Momoa playing Aquaman. Last I checked, Aquaman is supposed to be a blond. If they don't force him into dying his hair, they could make this into an [Aquaman](movie:264237) we've never seen before, and hopefully one we'll enjoy.

The Flash

The Flash
The Flash

[The Flash](series:1068303) is getting a lot of hype, not only because of CW's version, but because the movie is going to have Ezra Miller play the Flash. Ezra is openly homosexual. If that isn't a statement, I don't know what is.



[Shazam](movie:738107) has Dwayne Johnson tagged with it. That's enough star power to bring in any and all fans. It's not very often that The Rock plays a villain as of late. I just want to see that aspect, if anything, when it comes to this movie.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern. The last one was a bust. We all know that. DC knows that too. And that's why they're rebooting it. However, people are getting bored with origins stories. I know that I am. So, if this is done well enough, we might be able to skip that part over and get right into the action. Maybe a flashback here or there with his origins, but not much more than that. Sounds good to me.


Cyborg. I've always loved this character. Don't know about you, but he's pretty awesome. I grew up with him on Teen Titans and he was probably my favorite character. He's lesser known to most of the world and that will draw in enough people. After GOTG, Suicide Squad, and GOTG 2, most people will be willing to give this one a shot. By this point, the world will accept newer movies.


Movies like Suicide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Cyborg are bringing movies back to what they're supposed to be. A surprise.

Don't you remember being a wide eyed little kid seeing a brightly colored and widely entertaining trailer for your, now favorite, childhood movie? You didn't really know what was meant by this trailer other than that it looked wonderful and your parents just had to take you to see it.

Most comic book movies are easily predicted by fans. But these movies, these lesser known movies and topics will revolutionize the way we see movies and comics.

WB/DC is smarter than we give them credit for.

What do you think?


Did WB/DC are making good decisions with these movies?


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