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Rising newcomer Semi Anthony refuses to be pigeonholed - and if his latest projects are anything to go by, he's a man of his word. The actor/producer talks to Movie Pilot about his recent guest stint on TV hit Modern Family and both starring in and producing the new horror film The Butchers.

You wore a couple of hats on The Butchers. What were they?

In all indie projects you have to wear multiple hats. I helped with the financing of the film, location scouting, casting and also had a creative input on the JB character.

How do you enjoy producing?

Producing come with a lot of great benefits, I get the right to own all content, make executive decisions and I also look at it as a great learning experience for me as actor.

Are you producing so that you can fashion your own acting projects?

Partly. Just like the expression "work begets work." I have to go out and create my own work. That's how I have managed to stay abreast of the industry.

What was your first taste of producing and how did it come about?

The movie Death Factory. After a futile year and a half of auditioning I got too jaded but didn't digress. I assembled a team of creatives and out of that came the genesis of the Butchers aka Death Factory.

How much say, as an actor, do you usually get at the table on your films?

There's no superiority on my movie set. We work as a team and that's what it takes to make a movie. I believe teams win all the time and individuals fail.

What about Modern Family? How did that happen?

That's a major studio production. As an actor i didn't have much to say. I auditioned just like any other actor, got a call back and booked it.

The film is a horror film, but it looks like it would’ve been quite a physically-demanding shoot. Any bruises or bleeding?

I personally got a few bruises during the fight choreography but saved the big fights for my stunt double.

How do you stay fit when working on a movie?

I train in the mornings 3-4 times a week. It's more convenient and it's doesn't affect my shooting schedule.

What can we look forward to seeing you in in 2015?

I have a feature titled Abbey Grace in post production. The Butchers 2 is coming up in July 2015 and a comedy Welcome to America is in pre-production.


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