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We will take what we can get for right now. The moment that it was announced that Batman would be battling Superman on the big-screen, fans worldwide wanted to know how director Zack Snyder (300, [Man of Steel](movie:15593)) would differentiate his version from the previous Christopher Nolan trilogy. It was made public that Batman vs Superman would be heavily influenced by the works of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. This is readily apparent from the new shape of Batman's insignia on the logo. Kevin Smith got an early look at the suit as well and assured fans that they will not be disappointed. He claimed that it was a completely faithful translation from the comics and alluded to it looking like Jim Lee's art as well.

Snyder put a lot of the talk to rest when he tweeted the first image of Affleck in costume. However, the colors were muted (much like the first promo image of Wonder Woman) so fans couldn't get a good look at the actual color scheme. Not since 1966's Batman: The Movie, has there been a live-action interpretation of the classic blue and grey costume. Well times are changing and it appears that at least one of Batman's costumes will look very familiar. On Snyder's website, Cruel Films, in the motion pictures section you will find the picture of Batman with his Batmobile. If you hover your mouse over the tiny picture, it will appear in color for the first time. It is in low resolution, but it appears to be the first official look and here it is!

The Batsuit in COLOR!?
The Batsuit in COLOR!?

It appears that they have gone with a deep navy blue, which makes the suit slightly more practical than the loud blue from the comics. Plus Snyder will be able to play with the lighting to still achieve the all black, shadowy Batman look that is so iconic as well. There were grumblings that we could be getting a teaser trailer for Batman vs Superman sometime very soon. So this will just have to do until then! We will be sure to bring you the latest as news make sure to check in daily.

[Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) will be in theaters March 25th, 2016.

Are you happy that they are going with the classic comic book scheme? Is this the best suit ever? The least practical? Let us know on the comment boards!

Source: Point of Geeks, Cruel Films


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