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Mark Robirds Jr.

When the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman was first announced, about 75% of the internet despised the idea but as more and more about him has been leaked or revealed; haters turned into fans eagerly awaiting the first time we see him in that Batman V Superman trailer. The original Batman photo has been re-released by Zack Snyder on his website and it reveals Ben Affleck's Batman IN COLOR. It is Low Res but you can still tell what it looks like.

My thoughts? IT'S PERFECT!

Many thought that it would just be the Dark Knight Returns suit but to me I see a great tribute to both the Animated Series first look of Batman and the Arkham games and I say this because of the color. It is a black cape and cowl but the right lighting makes it look somewhat blue and that makes me SOOOO happy. That's what I have been asking for since 2005.

What do you think of the colors of the Batsuit? Needs more black? IS it perfect? Let me know in the comments below!


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