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Disclaimer: This article is based on third-party sources. Nothing is official until it is announced by Sony and/or Marvel.

Even when disregarding the recently leaked emails, Sony's grip on the Spider-Man franchise is on a downward spiral. From the underwhelming box-office numbers of [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) to writer Roberto Orci leaving the next film, the franchise was arguably dying LONG before Sony was hacked. Fans all across the board have been hoping and praying for Spidey's film rights going Marvel Studios, where many fans agree they truly belong. Well according to several sources, that wish may be coming true.

Left to right: Amy Pascal, Kevin Feige.
Left to right: Amy Pascal, Kevin Feige.

According to film website Screen Gonzo, their sources have brought news of a meeting between Marvel and Sony executives to occur next month. Marvel executive Kevin Feige and Sony executive Amy Pascal would be among the attendees. The meeting is reportedly going to be held at Pinewood Studios in England, where the next Avengers movie was filmed.

One of Screen Gonzo's sources says that the meeting will include plans for a post-credits scene prominently featuring Spider-Man. In addition, it is rumored that a new Spider-Man trilogy is in the works, and will be directed by the Russo Brothers of [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973). This of course means that Andrew Garfield will lose his acclaimed role, only to be replaced with a new actor.

With Garfield gone, who will take over?
With Garfield gone, who will take over?

Producer Avi Arad's future in the franchise will supposedly be discussed as well. Arad has been widely criticized by fans and reportedly Marvel themselves with his executive meddling interfering with the quality of the Spider-Man movies. Supposedly, Feige wants Arad out of the loop all together, and plans on building a new Spider-Man film canon without him.

Sony themselves are not out of the picture though; the deal will still see that they make money off of distribution while Marvel retains creative control. Unfortunately, fans wanting to see what Mark Webb started continue will be disappointed. After building up a [Sinister Six](movie:1274281) movie so much in the previous Spider-Man film, the storyline would likely be cut short after merely two films.

If this is all true, Marvel may be an inch away from getting the film rights to Spider-Man, and we could still have a chance to see Spider-Man play a role in the Civil War storyline. After all, there is still time before [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) starts filming. At the moment, there is no way of knowing for sure whether or not this meeting will occur at all. For now though, all fans can do is wait and hope for the best.

Source: Screen Gonzo

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