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There has been a lot of speculation on whether or not the show TheNewsroom was any good. The show cost a lot to create and did not have many viewers for the first season. When the second season aired it came back with more popularity than the first season but suffered problems in production and budget. The show was allowed a third season but cut shorter than the previous seasons and was also the shows last season. The show follows the main character Will McAvoy, portrayed by Jeff Bridges, and his staff of a news station known as ACN. The show follows the lives of the News stations staff and the many stories they covered from recent past such as the BP oil spill, NSA leak, and the Boston Bombings. A lot of feedback has came back from the show and many people disagree with some messages from the show. I for one enjoyed it as what it is, a tv show. I believe tv and movies should make its viewers question and think. If I can watch a show/movie and come out questioning my beliefs or views then the show/movie did it's job. I personally liked what the staff members on the show we're trying to do with their news station. I feel a lot of our real news are biased and looking only for viewers, which ironically The Newsroom itself needed viewers, but it's a tv show meant for entertainment not a news broadcast meant to inform. It showed a lot of the corruption that has taken over our news broadcasters and the companies that own them. I think we should question ourselves more and what we call entertainment these days. If we don't question, then we just become mindless zombies blindly watching these colors on our tv screens, laptop screens, and wherever else you watch your programs. Like many philosophical movies and tv shows that come out that ask questions and raise concern, nothing ever gets done. The questions are asked, the concern is raised but in our day an age, months later they are forgotten and washed out for whatever top trend is in that month. For whatever celebrity said whator what politician did what. We have to keep asking, and questioning until we find results! I feel The Newsroom did a great job of asking those questions and raising those concerns, but sadly the show was cancelled, and now those questions and concerns are in danger of being washed out and lost. This show was nothing but fantastic, and the only reason it received the negativity that it did was because it asked those questions and raised those concerns and threw in the face of everyone what it was doing. I will remember the questions, and do my best to keep asking until I feel pleased that it is fixed.


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