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Warning if you get sick stomachs you might want to close your eyes.

So how do i start this well i was just searching the web like i always do getting bored.

I came across a weird page of woman something like goddess giantess or something like that.

Anyway after seeing what it was i found some research about it.

Woman of any age get paid to pose and sexy POV's Point of views to make them look as if they are giant to the common person.

Not only that they have to kill bugs such as Butterflies,Grasshoppers,Caterpillars,Spiders,Goldfish and much more.

What is no surprise to me because i have heard of the word Giantess before in school once a couple of guys where talking about them.

The word Giantess means a huge giant woman.

Goodness on tumbler they are all over the place the idea of woman crushing men/woman is pretty sick to even think about.

Not only that people have fantasy's of being killed by giant woman/men wow thats pretty strange if you ask me.

Now the people that are chosen to do the posing are mostly young girls and they won't choose girls that don't look that good they are mostly just models.

Why would anyone want to kill a butterfly or a goldfish that is just messed up not only that they are getting paid to do so.

On the website you can actually pay money to the watch clips of them killing the bugs.

I can understand paying for a girl striping because i knew some guys in my old high school that got caught buying porn and caught watching but thats totally different.

I don't know why people find this sort of stuff attractive is gross and so wrong.

The whole bug crushing thing you may think to your self yeah it's probably one time but no it hundreds of pages of this and clips and it's not the same young woman doing this.

It all kind of woman doing this even old grandma's who would find that even fun looking at that it's just sick i think.

For what i understand the woman that do this usually have to sign of sort of contract .

Mostly just saying we can take any kind of picture of you and how ever or where ever the camera man wants it done.

I can not even wonder what they tell people when they ask them so hey what do you do as a job.

And them telling you well i get paid for killing bugs or i pose in pictures while crush sea animals.

I should my family some of these pictures they could not believe this sort of stuff even goes on.

I tell you we live in a sick world today it's not the same as it was so many years ago.

Just like Black Widow said in the avengers age of ultron noting last forever.

The only reason i brought that up is because she has a good point the peace we love so much is not going to last the good in man and in woman will turn evil.

I mean look at the world now we are aways fighting with other countries blacks and white are always fighting about skin color.

Woman get raped and are sold as sex slaves even guys do as well.

There is just so much going on you can't turn on the TV without hearing about people getting shot or robbed'kidnapped.

I just wish the world was peaceful without problems and men and woman didn't do this gross stuff.

I can not even believe butterflies why would you even hurt them they are really beautiful to look.

And thing that drives me crazy the most is how can someone just go out of their way to kill any little thing in sight just to get paid a whole lot of money for it.

If your a bug lover then this will upset you.

I didn't post that many pictures here for you to see mostly because they are much worst than what i have posted here.

If you want to see the page heres a link to it just copy and past on Google search.


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