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[SPOILER ALERT] Please stop reading if you have not watched episodes 1 – 9 of The Flash.

One of the biggest mysteries plaguing The Flash is the true identity of Harrison Wells and his intentions. Wells did not originate from the comic books, making it safe to assume that Harrison Wells is nothing but a moniker taken up by whomever Wells actually is.

What Do We Know?

So, what do we know about Wells? When we first met Dr. Harrison Wells, we were introduced to the man behind the particle accelerator. A man with a sense of the future and all the possible outcomes that may come of it.

After the particle accelerator explosion, Wells sought out Barry, convincing Detective West to let Barry stay at S.T.A.R. Labs for treatment. We found out in Things You Can’t Outrun that Wells orchestrated the particle accelerator explosion to create The Flash since he knew beforehand that Barry would be struck by lightning.

“See you soon, Barry.” – Harrison Wells (Things You Can’t Outrun)

Wells has been shown to go to extreme lengths to keep Barry safe, whether it be taking a life, or sacrificing others – Barry Allen must be kept safe at all costs.

“Forgive me Simon, I worry that you will think this is personal, it’s not. It’s just that the man in the red mask, the fastest man alive, he must be kept safe.” – Harrison Wells (Fastest Man Alive)

Wells is someone who is well aware of what cogs are in motion and what pieces will be in play, thanks to Gideon, an A.I. with access to the future.

Wells logging information on Barry Allen.
Wells logging information on Barry Allen.

Because of Gideon, Wells knows that in 2024, [The Flash](series:1068303) will go missing. Based on what we've seen so far, it appears to bother him.

"While his desire to help others is commendable, it is impeding him from realizing the full scope of his abilities…but, there’s still time…as the future remains intact.” – Harrison Wells (Power Outage)

Newspaper with major headlines.
Newspaper with major headlines.

What Does it Mean?

Based on Wells' unique characteristics, it can be argued that Wells is not a threat to Barry Allen, at least, not in the traditional way. It appears that Wells is trying his best to make Barry fully embrace his powers, and reach the potential that Wells knows Barry is capable of reaching.

Gorilla Grodd, one of The Flash's most formidable opponents, appears to have a set future paved out by Wells. Something worth noting is the fact that Wells has access to the future, meaning, he should know that Gorilla Grodd becomes a force to be reckoned with. He may have kept this intact because Grodd does help Barry grow as a hero, much as any other of Barry's foes. Though, based on Wells' agenda of keeping Barry safe, there may be a possibility that Wells tried to write off Grodd from the timeline. One thing that is certain is that Wells kept Grodd at S.T.A.R Labs for five years before he escaped after the explosion. What happened during those five years may come back to haunt Wells, Barry and the gang in future seasons.

“It’s okay, It’s okay boy, it’s okay. He’s gone. Don’t you worry, I have a whole different future in mind for you.” – Harrison Wells (Plastique)

Ever Changing Future

Based on what we saw in Power Outage, the future is not set in stone, meaning any small change in the past, can change the future.

The Wayne Tech / Queen Inc Merger Falls through...
The Wayne Tech / Queen Inc Merger Falls through...

Because of this, there appears to be certain events that should have not happened at all. For instance, it is entirely possible that the future that Wells is familiar with, may not have had Captain Cold in it. Why else would he be so disturbed by the fact that Cisco created the cold gun? Shouldn't Wells have anticipated its creation because of his knowledge of the future?

“You didn’t think because if you had you would have discussed with me first your desire to build something that could in theory hurt anyone and in particular Barry Allen.” - Harrison Wells (Going Rogue)

The answer appears to be that the linear timeline isn't going exactly as how history says it should go. This may explain why Wells is constantly checking the future to see if things remain intact. Either Wells is someone from the future and tampering with the past or there may be other forces at work that are changing the future.

Wells is Not the Reverse-Flash

At the end of the midseason finale, Wells is seen powering the Reverse-Flash suit with the tachyon prototype. But why? The answer is simple. The suit is not for him.

In The Man in the Yellow Suit, Wells revealed himself as a speedster. The first instance was when he confronted the Reverse-Flash and assured him that his trap would not have any fatal consequences on his body because his cells could repair themselves before any real damage could be done.

"I knew you were exceptionally fast, so any trap we manufactured would have to be invisible. I knew your cells could repair themselves at extraordinary speeds. So you could withstand the damage this is doing to your body right now. The reason I know all this is because your powers are almost exactly like those of the Flash." – Harrison Wells (The Man in the Yellow Suit)

Theoretically speaking, Wells' trap should have shredded every cell in Wells' body the moment he was placed inside of it. I have no doubt that because of Wells' age, and possible disconnection with the speed force, Wells' body got strained at repairing his cells, explaining why he couldn't fully heal the other wounds caused by the Reverse-Flash. The more obvious indication that Wells is a speedster is the "Merry Christmas" that Wells said, while vibrating his vocal chords.

With these things in mind, why would Wells need that suit powered up? Yes, there is always the possibility that Wells could use it, but that would be too easy. Since when have the producers of The Flash or Arrow taken the predictable route? Never. I think the suit is being powered up for someone else or at least, for another purpose.

Who is the Reverse Flash?

The Reverse-Flash, at least the one we saw in the midseason finale, was much faster than The Flash. He did not seem to be losing his powers during his match with Barry. This is why I think the Reverse-Flash and Wells, are not the same person. Reverse-Flash appears to be in full control of his powers, while Wells appears to have little to no access to his.

Now, there is the possibility that Wells may have obtained the suit, and tachyon device from a time capsule. A situation similar to that of Eobard Thawne, a Flash fanatic that tampered with The Flash's red suit, granting him temporary speed by amplifying the suit's speed energy. But again, based on what we've seen so far, Wells has no use for this powered suit. This suit is clearly intended for someone else. Because of this, it is safe to assume that Wells had no part in the murder of Barry's mother.

It's also worth noting that the Reverse-Flash that appeared in the Pilot and The Flash is Born and the one that appeared in The Man in the Yellow Suit, appear to be two different individuals based on their costume. The one that took all of Joe's files appears to be wearing a full yellow costume, while the one that appeared in the midseason finale had the upper half of the costume yellow, and the bottom half black. Even at super speed, the black half of the suit should have been a little more apparent in this scene.

Where are the black pants?
Where are the black pants?

But to answer this question that has been bothering us since the midseason finale...The Reverse Flash is...not Harrison Wells. There is too little information to predict who this speedster really is, but it is safe to assume that he may have some connection to Eddie Thawne...whether it is Eddie Thawne from the future, or a descendant, is yet to be seen.


Do you think Wells is the Reverse-Flash?


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